UCI 111 – An Unexpected Encounter

A day after I took this photo in Downtown Richmond, someone knocked on my door. I opened it. Three men were standing. “We are the FBI. May we come…

UCI 110 – Untitled

I saw the girl with the flag and I knew I had to tell her story. But there was no way for me to know that it would…

UCI 109 – Closing Party

UCI 108 – Untitled

UCI 107 – Untitled

I was quite sure they weren’t that happy with the results, but I didn’t know who they supported.

UCI 106 – Father and Daughter

They were both  tired, which was understandable judging from how much enthusiasm they brought to the race.

UCI 105 – Dance for the Line

It was the last race and good for the organizers, people did buy something.

UCI 104 – The Last Race

It was an outdoor shoes showcase.

UCI 103 – Untitled

I couldn’t observe the race by standing behind the crowds. But I realized observing the crowds were even more emotionally touching.

UCI 102 – Passion

I thought that he was about to cry.

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