Cops TV Show & Deviance – James Hyman

Deviance is anything that violates the social norm. I believe that there is so much deviance shown on television because that is what people want to see. People don’t want to see good people doing bad things. Just like in the media, people would rather see bad things so they have something to challenge and can speak their minds on those issues whereas showing good things on television doesn’t spark the same response. When watching shows on television that display deviance, most shows make me feel superior to what is being shown. They make me feel superior because most times I am better than them in the actions they display. Another great example completely different from the television show Cops that shows a ton of deviance is Jersey Shore. Jersey shore has examples of assaults, public intoxication, public indecency, sleeping with random people and fighting along with other things that happen in the course of that show.

The show I chose to talk about that shows deviance is Cops. This show has been aired on Fox since 1989 and is a pretty popular show. This television show follows police officers with camera crews while they prosecute people in various cities around the United States. The intended audience for this show is anyone who is into reality television, likes this type of show or is into people getting busted. I chose this show because I watch it from time to time and it displays a lot of deviance. The types of deviance you see in this show includes petty crimes such as shoplifting, disorder in public, public intoxication to more serious crimes like drunk driving, drug busts, car chases and robberies. There is also some violent crimes featured on this show such as manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and first, second or third degree murders. All of these crimes deviate from normal activity. Deviance is also shown because the focus of this show is on individuals who are part of minority populations and mostly shows street crimes rather than capital crimes. The deviance is condemned because it is part of a law enforcement show. The officers and members of the law enforcement community are the ones to condemn the deviance.

When I watch this program, it makes me feel happy that these people committing crimes are off the streets and that they will have to pay for the crime they committed. I think this show also has a large effect on other viewers where people either hate the police more than some already do or are glad that the police are there helping to keep them safe from the people portrayed on the show. I think this program serves to reinforce prevailing social norms because it shows bad people doing bad things in the community. This show is a warning to the general public that if you were to commit any of the crimes they show, you could end up just like the individual shown on your television. Most people don’t want to end up on television, so they do not commit these acts.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity – James Hyman


Main and 5th. Pace car following the racer going down the hill. Shimano was a big sponsor of the entire event. In the front, you can also see the lead motorcycle.


Biker representing Mexico during the men’s individual time trials. Located at Main and 5th.


Some spectators and a volunteer watching the races. The volunteers were able to stand on the roads and helped people cross the streets and answer questions about information anyone needed. Everyone else had to remain behind the gates that closed the streets off. The weather was pretty rainy this day and it was a workday so there were not a lot of people around,



Thai Racer during the individual men’s time trials located on Main and 5th. You can see the media in the background.



Another Thai racer coming down Main and 5th during the men’s individual time trials. Being followed by the media crew and the chaser vehicles.


Irish racer coming down the hill on Main and 3rd during the woman’s individual time trials. She had great form. Looks like a very expensive bike. You can also see spectators watching the races.


A Norwegian racer coming down the corner of Main and 3rd during the women’s individual time trials. A spectator told me that there was an accident that had just happened around the bend right before I had gotten there.



Start/Finish Line on Broad Street. Beautiful location for the races to take place.



Sign inside the Fan Fest at the Greater Richmond Convention Sign. This sign was affiliated with the Virginia is for Lovers exhibit.


Had the opportunity to interview Keith Perrin from Mechanicsville, Virginia this weekend while downtown at the bike races. He is 44 years old and is an Electrician. He started following bike races in 2005 because of Lance Armstrong’s movement. This week was the first week of races that he has ever attended. His favorite rider is Alberto Contador. The furthest that he traveled was to watch a race was downtown Richmond from Mechanicsville where he stayed 6 hours watching the race intently. The other sports that he follows include traditional sports such as tennis, football and basketball. His wife and 4 kids think he is crazy that he watches cycling on television and that he went downtown all by himself to watch the races throughout this past week. He believes that Richmond did a fantastic job in putting on this event this week and is very sad that it is over but has a lot of great pictures to remember it by.

Facebook Data Workshop – James Hyman

For this assignment, I decided to interview my girlfriend about her Facebooking. We both have Facebook and she definitely uses it more than I do, but it is a great way to connect with friends and family who you don’t get to see all of the time. Deciding who to send friend requests too usually is determined by whether or not she knows the person. If she does not know who the person is, she will not send a friend request. When it comes to accepting Facebook requests she is a little more picky and strict in her selections. She does not just accept anyone to be her friend and only wants to be friends with people she really knows and interacts with and not just other random people she has met once or twice. Brittney stated that yes there are people in her life that she refuses to friend on Facebook, some of which she even has blocked. This comes from past situations with people or people that like to creep around and she does not want anything to do with that.

When she decides to ignore or a block a person, some of the criteria she uses is again, whether or not she knows the person will determine if they get accepted or ignored on Facebook and for blocking purposes, anyone who seems out of the ordinary or tries to message her weird things will be blocked immediately. She also stated how she likes the newer feature to Facebook that allows you to leave friendships pending where you do not have to accept or ignore. This is helpful when someone she does not want to be friends with continues to push the ‘add friend’ button and then you can just leave the friendship pending and not have to worry about being bugged anymore. Most of her social networking circle people are people that she really does know in real life. She feels like it is weird to be friends and associate herself online with people that she does not know. Doing so can also lead to some bad situations because you never know about anything that could happen this day and time. Networking has brought a lot of good to our society and technology today, but it can also be very harmful and degrading very fast depending on how you choose to use it and how safe you are about it.

Brittney feels comfortable with most of her friends on her friends list. She stated that she knows all of the friends she is friends with, but would probably get rid of some if it weren’t for the fact of not being rude. She does not accept a lot of peoples requests, not because she wants to hide anything from anyone, she just does not feel like she needs to be friends with thousands of people in an online environment. She said she has gotten rid of most of the people on her Facebook page that have made her feel uncomfortable or that annoy her, either by deleting and blocking them, or by hiding their information so she does not have to look at it.

When looking at profile pictures on her friends list, you can see differences in gender, and age. You do not see a lot of racial, sexuality or subcultural diversity. She has never been exposed to a lot of that and does not know many people from different cultures.

She is also very selective in which groups she joins online too. She is only a part of a few groups on Facebook two of which are online yard sales around the area that we live because it is an easy way to sell things and make a lot of money. She is also a part of two groups, one that she runs and another for the entire nursing school that she attends, another group in memory of her friend who was killed tragically by a drunk driver while running, and another group that is for a friend and cousin Grayson Kirby that was in a horrible accident in 2014 but survived. The reason she is a part of the school groups is to stay updated and post about events going on throughout the nursing school. And the reason she is a part of the pages with people she knows is to support them and their families and look at all of the other amazing stories shared there. The groups she is a part of besides the yard sale groups do nothing but uplift and help each other and others around the world. They have also affected and touched many lives since last year when both of these things occurred.

Her friends list does not really affect her when it comes to deciding what to post as a status. She hardly ever posts status’ but when she does it usually something about what she is doing or where she is going that day and that is pretty much it. She is set to friends only and thinks that it is very important to not have a public profile because then anyone could see any of the information she publishes on Facebook. She does allow people to search to find her on Facebook. How else would you be able to find each other to add as friends? If you can’t search for someone, it’s kind of pointless to have the Facebook page. She does not post on Facebook that often. More than anything what she posts usually is pictures.

Lastly, she feels that her Facebook activity does help her feel connected to others because she can keep up with other friends and family and what they are doing and she loves seeing pictures from others just as they look forward to looking at the pictures and things she posts. Facebook has been helpful to her mainly in staying connected with her family that lives outside of Virginia so it seems like they don’t have to be so distant even though they live so far away at least they are able to communicate easier and still be involved in what is going on in each-others lives.

Professional versus Leisure

The two different situations I chose to observe myself for thirty minutes doing this week is a typical day at work and fishing on my day off. The front that I encounter at work is working behind a counter and selling/ providing customer service to customers who come into Green Top Sporting Goods. My personal front includes a well-dressed and groomed appearance, a hard working attitude, professional mannerisms, and casual dress with a work shirt. On the other hand, while I am fishing, this helps me to have time to myself and relax. I fish at my girlfriends cousins pond where I can fish off the dock or take a small boat out. For fishing, my personal front is a laid back and relaxed me where I can take time to reflect on my week and enjoy having some leisure time doing what I love to do. My style of dress for fishing is clothes that I am comfortable in and often times clothes that I can get wet. The region or setting affects my presentation completely differently between work and outside of work when I fish. At work, I have to be professional with the customers I help and deal with and be nice to all of them even though that is hard to do sometimes. My co-workers are awesome and I am good friends with a lot of them so outside of work we can be ourselves together and have a good time, but at work it is more of a business and getting our job done situation. When fishing, the region or setting affects my presentation of self because I am in an environment I love – the outdoors. I can always be myself here no matter if I am alone or fishing with other people because it is something I love to do.

At work my backstage activity or activities that prepare myself is driving to work and preparing myself for the day ahead of me and frontstage regions or activities that are performance include being on the job from the time I walk in to the time I walk out. While fishing, my backstage activities or the preparation stage includes getting all of my materials ready and together for fishing, loading them up in my truck and driving to the pond. Frontstage regions or activities of my performance is while I am fishing. My facial expressions, and body language vary between work and fishing because at work, I have to be more professional and convey appropriate body language and facial expressions at all times, whereas fishing, I can be more laid back and have whatever body language and facial expressions I want to. When working, the types of things that I say depends on what the customer is looking to buy or needs help with, but again, is always professional language. The types of things I say while fishing usually is not a whole lot because I am usually fishing by myself. I do verbalize when I catch a big fish though. I tailor what I say in each situation by being conservative and professional while on the job and when I am fishing it doesn’t normally matter but I do not usually talk about work.

Each situation varies. For me while I am at work I must be professional and polite, while during fishing and not on the job, I am able to be more relaxed and act like myself. I do believe that we all present slightly different versions of ourselves in every situation we encounter throughout life because we cannot act or be the same everywhere we go or in all activities we take a part in. As Goffman asked, I believe that we do have a changing self and not a basic, unchanging self because the needs and demands of ourselves change in each situation. When we bring different selves to different situations, it says that the idea of a true self does exist, and we can change based on the needs of the situation.

Wife and Life


Couldn’t get the fire engine out due to snow. Had to pile equipment and personnel into a 4 wheel drive brush truck. Picture was taken in 2010 on the return trip to the firehouse.


My wife and God-daughter excited to ride the tractor to pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. She wanted all the pumpkins in the field and made me carry as many as I could on the way back to get the discounted price! They love hanging out together. Taken in October 2014.


God daughter helping me water my Mothers plants while they were in Key West. She thought it would be funny to soak me rather than the plants. She loves spending time in her nightgowns more than any other type of clothing. Taken in August 2014.


On the range with work testing out new suppressors for all different weapons. Shooting Benelli M2 with SilencerCo Salvo. I will use this suppressor from now on hunting waterfoul. In this picture, I am patterning this gun. Taken in May 2015.


Getting one of my diving certifications through a class taken at VCU. Water temperature that day was 34 degrees. Made for a lovely day. From February 2013.




Working on my dump truck with a co-worker. Who knew a 1972 Ford F600 could look so good? Taken July 2015. IMG_4097

Spending time with my wife the week before we started school and my final semester at VCU. She is in nursing school so we don’t always have a lot of time together. Also that evening we enjoyed some of the corn that is seen in the background in the field behind her house. Taken in August 2015.


Working on the farm building a shooting range. Dog days of summer, but that tractor had the coldest air-conditioning of any tractor I have ever used. Clearing out brush and getting ready to grade the soil to build a more permanent range. From July 2014.


Clematis’ first bloom of the season. I do landscaping/nursery/farming work and have thousands of plants planted everywhere. This was taken at a customers house that absolutely loved this plant. From May 2015.


This is one of my most fondest memories from when I was in Key West with my best friend. We caught many different species of fish and a couple of citations on our kayaks. Cannot wait to go back. Took the kayaks out everyday and to this day, this is still the home screen on my phone.  Taken in July 2012.

Cars and Culture

The necessity I chose to look at was cars. In the websites I researched, the bare minimum of transportation is not shown. It is all about higher end products of being advertised. Such products included luxury or fast cars with the occasional affordable car showing up as you searched through the website. The cars on the websites are presented in different articles or reviews.  The types of sub-cultural and regional differences are highly shown throughout the website. You can see everything from Japanese sports cars to European sports cars to various driving locations, apps and lists of the greatest cars in recent history.  There are quite a few different advertisement schemes to attract potential customers. They show different types of oils and how professionals use certain brands. Looking through some older magazines I have, different racing clothing, shoes, and accessories are shown. In the older magazines, everything displayed was more flashy than in the streamlined websites where it can be overbearing.

The elements of material and symbolic culture that are visible with the automobile industry is very cultural specific. Examples of this are seen throughout different cultures in the world and how they manufacture their automobiles. Japan has higher end racing cars because they are into drifting and racing, Italy has high end luxury cars because their lifestyle is living luxuriously, and last but not least, America has good ole’ muscle because we have been fascinated with large engines and large cars. The values and beliefs embedded in car accessories follow the general accepted standard of what people think is the best and what they should use. This could mean some people like to use what the professionals use and they feel that if they use it, their automobile will be as good as theirs is. With car models, the values and beliefs that are embedded in them includes beliefs that if you are American, you should own an American vehicle. It seems that some people are very brand specific because they have had a good past experience with that particular brand. Others like to out do each other according to certain people and websites to try to keep up with the Jones’.

Neither one of the websites or magazines reflects the specific cultural context in which they are produced because they try to appeal to an American market, however, it gives each nation a chance with their vehicles by trying not to have too much bias. The content on cars affects my desires because as a male, I am highly intrigued by things that go fast. Much like females being obsessed with fashion and the latest trends. I did find myself craving the cars pictured because of the way the advertise and market them, how attractive some of the vehicles are and the fact that most of the vehicles I have wanted for a long time.  The people that benefit when acting out my desires by purchasing the goods and services presented include the advertising agencies, vehicle manufactures, the petroleum conglomerates, vehicle parts manufactures, local counties, the state in which you reside, as well as everybody else.

Week 3

As the years go by violent crime has been on a steady decline since the 1990’s. During this time violent crime was at an all time high.  During the past 20 years it has been shown that violent crime is decreasing quite a bit. Different theories have arisen from higher incarnation rates to different amounts of lead in the air. Nothing has been proven as of yet but we can see a shift from one type of crime to another. In today’s world it seems as if though we incarcerate many more people than we used too. This has lead to some people believing that the older laws that require criminals to be jailed rather than put in different programs has caused a decrease in crime. Some people believe that this tactic has caused people to be scared of committing these crimes. It appears that crimes have shifted from blue collar crimes to more white collar crimes. Today the United States has five percent of the population, however, we have 25 percent of the worlds prison population. It is as if people in the US have no problem with locking people away for their crimes.  Studies have been done recently and have discovered that incarnation really has no effect on violent crimes. In the early 90’s it was shown that incarnation did have an effect on crime rates, during today’s world though it has slowed down to nothing. There are current studies being done now to prove these results.

About me

Hello everyone.  My name is James and I am a Criminal Justice Major with a minor in Homeland Security.  I will be graduating in December after a long 6 years. Outside of school I am big into fly fishing for anything that swims. I also am big into shooting rifles long range. I also own my own business doing landscape design and construction. I signed up this course to fill a one credit gap to graduate. I do have a few bikes and used to race off road. I use Facebook and Twitter throughout high school and college. I also hope for the best for everyone!