Week 3

As the years go by violent crime has been on a steady decline since the 1990’s. During this time violent crime was at an all time high.  During the past 20 years it has been shown that violent crime is decreasing quite a bit. Different theories have arisen from higher incarnation rates to different amounts of lead in the air. Nothing has been proven as of yet but we can see a shift from one type of crime to another. In today’s world it seems as if though we incarcerate many more people than we used too. This has lead to some people believing that the older laws that require criminals to be jailed rather than put in different programs has caused a decrease in crime. Some people believe that this tactic has caused people to be scared of committing these crimes. It appears that crimes have shifted from blue collar crimes to more white collar crimes. Today the United States has five percent of the population, however, we have 25 percent of the worlds prison population. It is as if people in the US have no problem with locking people away for their crimes.  Studies have been done recently and have discovered that incarnation really has no effect on violent crimes. In the early 90’s it was shown that incarnation did have an effect on crime rates, during today’s world though it has slowed down to nothing. There are current studies being done now to prove these results.

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