Cars and Culture

The necessity I chose to look at was cars. In the websites I researched, the bare minimum of transportation is not shown. It is all about higher end products of being advertised. Such products included luxury or fast cars with the occasional affordable car showing up as you searched through the website. The cars on the websites are presented in different articles or reviews.  The types of sub-cultural and regional differences are highly shown throughout the website. You can see everything from Japanese sports cars to European sports cars to various driving locations, apps and lists of the greatest cars in recent history.  There are quite a few different advertisement schemes to attract potential customers. They show different types of oils and how professionals use certain brands. Looking through some older magazines I have, different racing clothing, shoes, and accessories are shown. In the older magazines, everything displayed was more flashy than in the streamlined websites where it can be overbearing.

The elements of material and symbolic culture that are visible with the automobile industry is very cultural specific. Examples of this are seen throughout different cultures in the world and how they manufacture their automobiles. Japan has higher end racing cars because they are into drifting and racing, Italy has high end luxury cars because their lifestyle is living luxuriously, and last but not least, America has good ole’ muscle because we have been fascinated with large engines and large cars. The values and beliefs embedded in car accessories follow the general accepted standard of what people think is the best and what they should use. This could mean some people like to use what the professionals use and they feel that if they use it, their automobile will be as good as theirs is. With car models, the values and beliefs that are embedded in them includes beliefs that if you are American, you should own an American vehicle. It seems that some people are very brand specific because they have had a good past experience with that particular brand. Others like to out do each other according to certain people and websites to try to keep up with the Jones’.

Neither one of the websites or magazines reflects the specific cultural context in which they are produced because they try to appeal to an American market, however, it gives each nation a chance with their vehicles by trying not to have too much bias. The content on cars affects my desires because as a male, I am highly intrigued by things that go fast. Much like females being obsessed with fashion and the latest trends. I did find myself craving the cars pictured because of the way the advertise and market them, how attractive some of the vehicles are and the fact that most of the vehicles I have wanted for a long time.  The people that benefit when acting out my desires by purchasing the goods and services presented include the advertising agencies, vehicle manufactures, the petroleum conglomerates, vehicle parts manufactures, local counties, the state in which you reside, as well as everybody else.

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