Wife and Life


Couldn’t get the fire engine out due to snow. Had to pile equipment and personnel into a 4 wheel drive brush truck. Picture was taken in 2010 on the return trip to the firehouse.


My wife and God-daughter excited to ride the tractor to pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. She wanted all the pumpkins in the field and made me carry as many as I could on the way back to get the discounted price! They love hanging out together. Taken in October 2014.


God daughter helping me water my Mothers plants while they were in Key West. She thought it would be funny to soak me rather than the plants. She loves spending time in her nightgowns more than any other type of clothing. Taken in August 2014.


On the range with work testing out new suppressors for all different weapons. Shooting Benelli M2 with SilencerCo Salvo. I will use this suppressor from now on hunting waterfoul. In this picture, I am patterning this gun. Taken in May 2015.


Getting one of my diving certifications through a class taken at VCU. Water temperature that day was 34 degrees. Made for a lovely day. From February 2013.




Working on my dump truck with a co-worker. Who knew a 1972 Ford F600 could look so good? Taken July 2015. IMG_4097

Spending time with my wife the week before we started school and my final semester at VCU. She is in nursing school so we don’t always have a lot of time together. Also that evening we enjoyed some of the corn that is seen in the background in the field behind her house. Taken in August 2015.


Working on the farm building a shooting range. Dog days of summer, but that tractor had the coldest air-conditioning of any tractor I have ever used. Clearing out brush and getting ready to grade the soil to build a more permanent range. From July 2014.


Clematis’ first bloom of the season. I do landscaping/nursery/farming work and have thousands of plants planted everywhere. This was taken at a customers house that absolutely loved this plant. From May 2015.


This is one of my most fondest memories from when I was in Key West with my best friend. We caught many different species of fish and a couple of citations on our kayaks. Cannot wait to go back. Took the kayaks out everyday and to this day, this is still the home screen on my phone.  Taken in July 2012.

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