A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity – James Hyman


Main and 5th. Pace car following the racer going down the hill. Shimano was a big sponsor of the entire event. In the front, you can also see the lead motorcycle.


Biker representing Mexico during the men’s individual time trials. Located at Main and 5th.


Some spectators and a volunteer watching the races. The volunteers were able to stand on the roads and helped people cross the streets and answer questions about information anyone needed. Everyone else had to remain behind the gates that closed the streets off. The weather was pretty rainy this day and it was a workday so there were not a lot of people around,



Thai Racer during the individual men’s time trials located on Main and 5th. You can see the media in the background.



Another Thai racer coming down Main and 5th during the men’s individual time trials. Being followed by the media crew and the chaser vehicles.


Irish racer coming down the hill on Main and 3rd during the woman’s individual time trials. She had great form. Looks like a very expensive bike. You can also see spectators watching the races.


A Norwegian racer coming down the corner of Main and 3rd during the women’s individual time trials. A spectator told me that there was an accident that had just happened around the bend right before I had gotten there.



Start/Finish Line on Broad Street. Beautiful location for the races to take place.



Sign inside the Fan Fest at the Greater Richmond Convention Sign. This sign was affiliated with the Virginia is for Lovers exhibit.


Had the opportunity to interview Keith Perrin from Mechanicsville, Virginia this weekend while downtown at the bike races. He is 44 years old and is an Electrician. He started following bike races in 2005 because of Lance Armstrong’s movement. This week was the first week of races that he has ever attended. His favorite rider is Alberto Contador. The furthest that he traveled was to watch a race was downtown Richmond from Mechanicsville where he stayed 6 hours watching the race intently. The other sports that he follows include traditional sports such as tennis, football and basketball. His wife and 4 kids think he is crazy that he watches cycling on television and that he went downtown all by himself to watch the races throughout this past week. He believes that Richmond did a fantastic job in putting on this event this week and is very sad that it is over but has a lot of great pictures to remember it by.

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