Data Analysis on Fake News – The Daily Show – James Hyman

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is a comedy twist on news and also gives false information and fake stories from the news. I chose to watch the episode from October 22, 2015 called John Harwood. This show looks very much like a traditional networking news program. It has the same appearance, features certain stories, has interviews, and is set up like a news room with an audience as well. There are both news reporting and interviews throughout the episode I watched and the stage resembles a regular news network station. The design of graphics is also very much familiar to other news stations.

This episode talks about Hilary Clinton and the scandal with Benghazi on September 11th 2012. It portrays a lot of fake information and also has a lot of humor and jokes around it as well. This episode also talks about super heroes and that Jeb Bush got asked twice during separate interviews who his favorite super hero was. The guest on the show that night was John Harwood who is the Chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC. He has been interviewing candidates and is moderating an upcoming debate. The amount of information given on this show is both real stories incorporated with some fake things and humor added to them. The Benghazi attacks are very much so real and do involve Hillary Clinton. What John Harwood talked about when he appeared on the show is very real as well. It is sometimes hard to tell what they are talking about and what could really be real versus fake.

I am not sure exactly how audience members really know what to believe about the truth of any particular statements or stories. I found myself lost through watching some of the episode and hadn’t heard a lot about these events before. There is also a lot of laughter from the audience for the duration of the show which makes me skeptical to what is true or false. I have never watched this show before doing this assignment and had actually never even heard of it. I try to stay away from the news and media as much as possible because all that is usually portrayed is negative events that I do not want to see on television or hear about period.

I believe a few of the underlying messages from this show was that Hillary Clinton is not as great as some people thinks she is and also that these Benghazi attacks are still having an impact in today’s society. Also from John Harwood when he was talking about this year’s debates and showing segments from last year, he was portraying some of the information and the lack of things that the candidates know that really does go on during these debates. I am not among audience members who get my political news from fake news shows or believe everything I see on the real news or social media. You must do your own research and figure out what is really true. I am sure that these shows probably do influence people’s political ideas which is sad, but it is what our world has come to these days. I also believe that they are a distraction to young people’s awareness of issues and may push them even further away from wanting to be involved with politics at all.

In our world today, it is really hard to tell what the difference is between things that are real and fake. More and more especially involving the news and other social media outlets, we are seeing many people get involved in stories and hear about different events going on that are not even real or true. You have to pay attention to these things and pick up on the information from particular things that may actually be false or true. The only suggestion I can make about this is do your research and know what you are talking about before you start speaking about certain things.–2015—john-harwood-season-21-ep-21016


Data Analysis: Magazines – James Hyman

I chose to look at a People magazine that my Mom had lying around and an online sports magazine. The types of bodies that are displayed in the People magazine include both females and males that are all skinny in shape and size, attractive and bodies that the American world strives to be like. Some even look fake like Barbie dolls. They mostly all have on makeup and an expensive style. The colors vary through all types of ethnicities although most prominent are whites and African Americans. The types of activities that are shown include current events, entertainment, advertising and modeling. There are a lot of celebrities and famous people through this type of magazine as well. There are images practically on every page of the magazine. The text generally says who the person is, what the person is doing or gives an article about a current event going on or happenings in the entertainment industry. The images reflect the rules about male and female beauty in our society by showing us what the standard is supposed to be like and portrays the ideal hot, sexy, appealing image like any other type of media does these days.

In sports magazines the bodies that are displayed can be both male and female and are usually muscular bodies and people who are toned, skinny, and have muscle. A lot of times those pictured will also not have on a lot of clothing to flaunt their body appearance and to show their abs and muscle tone. The sizes and shapes can range from small to big depending on their body tone and the amount of muscle or bulk they carry, and the colors displayed include most ethnicities and vary on the magazine. The kinds of activities that are shown include most popular sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. The text within the images usually gives a synopsis of who is in the picture, what team and sport they are a part of, their accomplishment, and what they are doing. It can also have longer in depth articles related to particular sports and teams that are popular and receiving attention at the time it is published. The images in these magazines reflect the rules of male and female beauty in our society by showing just that. These people are attractive to look at, have features that everyone strives to have, are athletic, and usually a well-known or popular figure for our society.

Both these magazines have features that are attractive for both males and females. The People magazine is generally probably read by more women than males, but also the male audience could like this magazine if they are into looking at attractive women. Sports magazines are typically probably read by more males, but females could be attracted to these as well if they wanted to look at players they think are attractive. I do believe there are some differences in regards to what is displayed as attractive for both men and women. Different genders are usually interested and attracted to different things than one another. I do think however that both of these magazines have both features that men and women could be interested in.

Data Workshop – James Hyman

I chose to talk about the song “Changes” by 2PAC. Racism is defined as, “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.” Just by reading the lyrics you can pick up on racism and how he feels about being a part of this world. In his song he refers to racism between both whites and blacks. He states he wants to change, but it’s still the same thing over and over again because no one seems willing to put effort forward to make changes in this world so we can all get along. It takes fighting and war on the streets to make people happy these days and that is the only time people feel at peace, when they are killing one another.

Ethnicity is defined as, “a social group that shares a common and distinctive culture, religion, language, or the like.” This song expresses ethnicity by basically stating that white and black people cannot get along without killing each other, but he wanted a change where they could act like brothers and get along with each other. It is so sad in this modern time we are in that people get offended if a white person hangs out with a black person. It should not have to be that way.

Identity is defined as, “the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another.” The identity he shows in this song is that he is poor, living on the edge of poverty, “lookin’ for a purse to snatch,” “Sellin’ crack to the kids” so he can get paid. “Give ’em guns, step back, and watch ’em kill each other. “It’s time to fight back”, that’s what Huey said. 2 shots in the dark now Huey’s dead.” Anyone that tried to make changes get shot and killed. It’s not a world of free speech anymore because if you speak your mind, you have a good risk of getting shot.

Inequality is “the condition of being unequal; lack of equality; disparity.” This song focuses on the inequality we have in this world. A prime example of it in the lyrics is when he states, “Cops give a damn about a negro? Pull the trigger, kill a nigga, he’s a hero.” Sometimes this is very true that the police can tend to target African Americans. It depends on where you live though and what actions you choose to take. Another example, “It ain’t a secret don’t conceal the fact…the penitentiary’s packed, and it’s filled with blacks,” shows that law enforcement targets blacks, and tends to arrest them, but both black and white people are doing the same thing.

“Solidarity is union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests, as between members of a group or between classes, and people.” His point about this song was that we need to make changes and come together to be a coherent society, but it would take effort to make these changes. This has not happened yet.

Analyzing Media Data Workshop – James Hyman

The three advertisements I found for this data workshop included an advertisement commercial about a BMW car, an Allstate commercial about making life good through the bad things, and a commercial about alcohol.

The first advertisement commercial “BMW Commercial. It’s only a car” is intended for the audience of anyone who is interested in the automobile industry and nice, expensive vehicles. I am into different vehicles and liked this commercial myself. I think these type of commercials are more prevalent for the male population. The product that is being advertised is a new BMW car. In addition, the advertisement is also trying to sell products that go along with a car such as tires, oil, windshield wipers and navigation. While this is indirect, it still states things about products like these leading you to think about needing to purchase some of these items with a car as well. The message makes me feel good because the voice used in the commercial is persuading and plays on emotions because of the tone of voice the man is talking in. I believe that this ad does work because it persuaded me to buy the product. I would like to buy this product yes, but I most likely will not because it is an expensive commodity.

The second advertisement I looked at was “Good Life Anthem – Allstate Commercials.” This commercial appeals to the good life and how we live our lives through the bad that happens in this world every day. The message that this advertisement is intended for can really be anyone since it shows all age groups and talks about things all age groups take part in. The service that is being advertised is Allstate Insurance. I do not think that this advertisement really tries to sell anything else besides Allstate and living life and making it good even through the bad times. The message does play on my emotions because all of the things that we do in life are potentially dangerous, although we still have to live our lives and make the best of them. The message makes me feel good because there is no point in not making the life you have to live not good. I believe that the ad does work and is a powerful commercial. I would not buy the Allstate Insurance because I already have a different insurance agency.

The final type of advertisements I chose to look at was alcohol ads. These days, it is hard to go anywhere without seeing alcohol advertised. The message intended for these types of advertisements is really any age group. While it should be those of the legal drinking age, a lot of times these ads even target minors and influence them to take part in consuming alcohol products too. The product that is being advertised is alcohol and specifically Bud Light. This advertisement is not trying to sell anything else but is pretty humors. The message makes me feel like I need to have a Bud Light with the rest of the guys. While they are supposed to be on the roof doing work and fixing things, they are instead having a drink. It portrays the message that drinking is okay which is sometimes true, but not always. This ad does work because it is comical and portrays a product I like. I do already buy Bud Light.

I think that advertising has a big influence on my life and my buying habits as well as everyone else’s lives. It is hard to go anywhere or do anything without being surrounded by advertisements which makes you feel certain ways about different products and a lot of the times influences you that you need to get the particular product or services too. The ads that probably have the strongest effect on me are ads related to tools and doing work and food advertisements. When you see ads about food, it makes you feel hungry and also crave the product you saw. When I see certain ads about tools and different work being done, it makes me want the tools they are using so I can have them as a part of my collection for working too. In the world we live in today, we are surrounded by materialism and feeling the need to have the latest and greatest products around. The lure of sopping and material possessions is highly promoted and seen as a normal thing in our culture. It is okay to ‘shop till you drop’ and to spend money on products just because. I don’t really try to compete with material possessions between my friends, neighbors or coworkers. While I am sure I have feelings of wanting some of the products and things they have, I am not going to have to buy everything they have too just so I can compete with them.

Reflection on this Course – James Hyman

This class has been a very enjoyable and fun class. I decided to take this class because I needed a one credit class that would be relatively easy to fulfill. This class also sparked my interest because it did not last for the entire semester and it sounded like an interesting class that would only be around for this semester since the bike race was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have here in Richmond, Virginia. It was never a bad thing that the tuition was discounted for these courses either.

I am a criminal justice and homeland security major, so a class like this is not the usual type of classes I am a part of. I have not really had any previous experiences working with media and covering events, so I thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn about it and getting to practice some of it myself. It was really neat to read other people’s work in this class and learn from them too, especially those who were interning for the Richmond Times Dispatch.

What I found the most interesting was actually being able to be a part of the bike race and experience this opportunity. It is awesome that our college could be such a big part of this event and helped it run so successfully. Seeing how it brought the community together and how many people traveled here for this event was neat. When I watched the news and looked at media through the duration of this event, I also enjoyed seeing a lot of positivity and hearing about what was taking place during this event and how I could get involved. News and media is normally negative, so having this positivity right here where we lived was great to experience.

The only thing I was not a huge fan of was figuring out the whole RamPages site. I am used to the traditional format of Blackboard and would much rather prefer using that. Once the layout of the class website was changed, it was a little easier to understand and navigate through, but I have never used this before prior to this semester. I also enjoyed learning how to use new media outlets throughout this class that I had never looked at or used before.