Mrs. Doubtfire – Analyzing Mass Media & Popular Culture Data Workshop – James Hyman

The movie I chose to watch for this assignment was Mrs. Doubtfire. This was a great movie and I had never seen it before until watching it for this blog. I chose this movie because it was one of the two I recognized and my parents said it was a great and funny movie which was very true. Some background information about this movie includes a married family; the Hillard’s who have three children and then get divorced. What ends up happening is their dad Daniel becomes Mrs. Doubtfire, their nanny and it goes well for a while until the mom finds out. They end up making some compromises in the end to work it out so their father can see the children each day and continue to keep them after school.

The families troubles that are the focus of the film start when the Dad throws a birthday party for the son and their mom Miranda gets called at work by the neighbor complaining of noise and animals being all outside of their house. She comes home to the party still going on and a disaster and has had enough which starts their divorce and the end of their marriage. Their children do not react well to this change and Mr. Hillard becomes jobless and doesn’t have a place to live. When they have their first court hearing, he gets granted weekend visitation and has to find a place to live and keep a job for three months. He ends up getting a job as a shipping clerk and also becomes Mrs. Doubtfire their nanny because he wants to be the one keeping his children after school and not someone else. At their second court hearing, the mother is awarded full time custody and Daniel is allowed supervised visitation rights every Saturday. This ends up not lasting because their mother realizes that she made a mistake and was angry at him, but he really was important to their children’s’ lives, so he ends up getting to see his children every day and keeps them afterschool. He also lands a promotion at his job and airs a television show.

The solutions in addressing the families troubles are actually very effective and a good way of solving the issues. The families’ problems are more sociological because the problems are pertaining to the household and with each other, not a widespread issue. The individual troubles of family members are linked to larger social patterns and problems because the children have a hard time adapting to their parents being separated, the dad loses a place to live and has to find a new job, and everything becomes stressful for the mother because she works so much and now is having to do the job of two people all by herself. When comparing the problems in this movie with the real world, this is a real problem and is very prevalent in our society today. There are a lot of divorced and single parents and it is becoming a higher prevalence every day especially because younger people are getting married earlier and others are becoming pregnant before marriage which both increases the divorce rates. These problems are widespread through the entire world. At the public level, these issues are usually discussed through court trials and hired lawyers. I think that the families troubles and the possible solutions were depicted great in the film and is often what you can see in a real life situation too besides the fact of him role playing as two people. I believe that the media is often a negative thing and often plays a bad role in helping to reduce family troubles or associated social problems. Especially in the media these days, they want to make everything big and newsworthy and like producing the negative stories versus good things.

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