Data Workshop – Hangouts – James Hyman

A hangout as defined by the textbook is an informal public place where people come together regularly for conversation and camaraderie. Our book also refers to hangouts as the third place. This is defined as places you go to after home and work, which come first and second. I think we probably all have a lot of different third places we each go to that are hangouts or that we don’t even realize are hangouts.

I chose to observe the hangout Green Top which is where I work. This place is a good hangout for the people there because it involves socialization and buying things for hunting, fishing, clothing, guns, and many more products. We offer thousands of products with a lot of items from multiple brands. There are definitely regular customers and new customers on a weekly basis. We see a lot of people come through the doors of that store over a week’s period. I know the regulars because they are in the store almost weekly or multiple times per week and I can recognize who is not a regular especially if they are looking for certain things and are not sure where different products are located or look confused. People establish themselves as regulars by buying many products from our store, hanging out around the store for a long time and by carrying conversations with many of the employees or their friends/people they know every time they are in the store. The types of interactions that take place at this hangout include interacting with the employees about purchasing products or asking questions, and hanging out with their friends and shopping around the store. To some of the people I interviewed about hangouts, they believe that a hangout is a local spot where they can come together with some of their friends to socialize and to shop for products they all love and want to buy together. This hangout doesn’t necessarily have a function in their everyday life, but a lot of times, if they need something, they will come here to the store to find it since we carry a lot of different products and brands. Being a regular is a part of their identity because they identify with being a loyal customer of the store and will always come back for more week after week, especially as we get new products in this time of year and have our big annual sales. Most of our regulars are also good friends with some of the employees or management of the store, so they identify with getting to see them and socialize with them as well. They enjoy the atmosphere of the store and the friendliness of the staff and the wide selection of items we have to offer to customers. It also brings us new customers when peoples friends hang out there and they bring their friend along with them to check out the store. By using a lot of social media and advertising, this becomes a new hangout spot weekly for many individuals.

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