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Data Analysis: Magazines – James Hyman

I chose to look at a People magazine that my Mom had lying around and an online sports magazine. The types of bodies that are displayed in the People magazine include both females and males that are all skinny in shape and size, attractive and bodies that the American world strives to be like. Some even look fake like Barbie dolls. They mostly all have on makeup and an expensive style. The colors vary through all types of ethnicities although most prominent are whites and African Americans. The types of activities that are shown include current events, entertainment, advertising and modeling. There are a lot of celebrities and famous people through this type of magazine as well. There are images practically on every page of the magazine. The text generally says who the person is, what the person is doing or gives an article about a current event going on or happenings in the entertainment industry. The images reflect the rules about male and female beauty in our society by showing us what the standard is supposed to be like and portrays the ideal hot, sexy, appealing image like any other type of media does these days.

In sports magazines the bodies that are displayed can be both male and female and are usually muscular bodies and people who are toned, skinny, and have muscle. A lot of times those pictured will also not have on a lot of clothing to flaunt their body appearance and to show their abs and muscle tone. The sizes and shapes can range from small to big depending on their body tone and the amount of muscle or bulk they carry, and the colors displayed include most ethnicities and vary on the magazine. The kinds of activities that are shown include most popular sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. The text within the images usually gives a synopsis of who is in the picture, what team and sport they are a part of, their accomplishment, and what they are doing. It can also have longer in depth articles related to particular sports and teams that are popular and receiving attention at the time it is published. The images in these magazines reflect the rules of male and female beauty in our society by showing just that. These people are attractive to look at, have features that everyone strives to have, are athletic, and usually a well-known or popular figure for our society.

Both these magazines have features that are attractive for both males and females. The People magazine is generally probably read by more women than males, but also the male audience could like this magazine if they are into looking at attractive women. Sports magazines are typically probably read by more males, but females could be attracted to these as well if they wanted to look at players they think are attractive. I do believe there are some differences in regards to what is displayed as attractive for both men and women. Different genders are usually interested and attracted to different things than one another. I do think however that both of these magazines have both features that men and women could be interested in.