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Data Analysis on Fake News – The Daily Show – James Hyman

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is a comedy twist on news and also gives false information and fake stories from the news. I chose to watch the episode from October 22, 2015 called John Harwood. This show looks very much like a traditional networking news program. It has the same appearance, features certain stories, has interviews, and is set up like a news room with an audience as well. There are both news reporting and interviews throughout the episode I watched and the stage resembles a regular news network station. The design of graphics is also very much familiar to other news stations.

This episode talks about Hilary Clinton and the scandal with Benghazi on September 11th 2012. It portrays a lot of fake information and also has a lot of humor and jokes around it as well. This episode also talks about super heroes and that Jeb Bush got asked twice during separate interviews who his favorite super hero was. The guest on the show that night was John Harwood who is the Chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC. He has been interviewing candidates and is moderating an upcoming debate. The amount of information given on this show is both real stories incorporated with some fake things and humor added to them. The Benghazi attacks are very much so real and do involve Hillary Clinton. What John Harwood talked about when he appeared on the show is very real as well. It is sometimes hard to tell what they are talking about and what could really be real versus fake.

I am not sure exactly how audience members really know what to believe about the truth of any particular statements or stories. I found myself lost through watching some of the episode and hadn’t heard a lot about these events before. There is also a lot of laughter from the audience for the duration of the show which makes me skeptical to what is true or false. I have never watched this show before doing this assignment and had actually never even heard of it. I try to stay away from the news and media as much as possible because all that is usually portrayed is negative events that I do not want to see on television or hear about period.

I believe a few of the underlying messages from this show was that Hillary Clinton is not as great as some people thinks she is and also that these Benghazi attacks are still having an impact in today’s society. Also from John Harwood when he was talking about this year’s debates and showing segments from last year, he was portraying some of the information and the lack of things that the candidates know that really does go on during these debates. I am not among audience members who get my political news from fake news shows or believe everything I see on the real news or social media. You must do your own research and figure out what is really true. I am sure that these shows probably do influence people’s political ideas which is sad, but it is what our world has come to these days. I also believe that they are a distraction to young people’s awareness of issues and may push them even further away from wanting to be involved with politics at all.

In our world today, it is really hard to tell what the difference is between things that are real and fake. More and more especially involving the news and other social media outlets, we are seeing many people get involved in stories and hear about different events going on that are not even real or true. You have to pay attention to these things and pick up on the information from particular things that may actually be false or true. The only suggestion I can make about this is do your research and know what you are talking about before you start speaking about certain things.–2015—john-harwood-season-21-ep-21016