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“Associative Trails”

While my browser history screenshot shows minimal associative trails, I am very familiar with the concept. In my browser history you can see me jump directly from nuclear bombs, to military, back to bombs, finally landing on my original idea. The most easily recognizable “associative trails” process I encounter on a frequent bases would be … Continue reading “Associative Trails”

An ‘A’ Thinker vs. A ‘C’ Thinker

‘A’ Thinker: The person who puts in maximum constructive effort regardless of their ability. They constantly strive to be the best and feel that they can accomplish that goal. Their input is always constructive and an attempt to move the discussion forwards. They are able to make connections with what others say and are not … Continue reading An ‘A’ Thinker vs. A ‘C’ Thinker

Associative Trails

When we begin to think of a topic we think of just that: one topic. As we go on and Google and research, we start to realize similar things that have to do with our topic. These similar things usually result in the “searches related to (topic here)” portion of the search engine. I like … Continue reading Associative Trails

Nugget Made o’ Gold

It is the physicists who have been thrown most violently off stride, who have left academic pursuits for the making of strange destructive gadgets, who have had to devise new methods for their unanticipated assignments. They have done their part on the devices that made it possible to turn back the enemy, have worked in … Continue reading Nugget Made o’ Gold

Associative trail

What is my definition of an associative trail? It s where a person searches for things that have similar meaning. A person tries to connect things as they find things that are the same about them. An example could be an i pad and a laptop. While one is larger than the other both can … Continue reading Associative trail

Associative Trails

I’m not sure if I have the exact definition of Associative Trails correct, but my interpretation of what they are  is when you start off looking, researching, studying something and then that leads you to find things related to that topic. For instance, I may be studying chicken nuggets, I trail along to chicken, then … Continue reading Associative Trails

“How does it feel when I think?”

I am that curious person who loves to questions things. I love to think. I like the feeling of knowing why something has to be the way it is, and if the answer I receive isn’t concrete I will continue to wonder. I feel as though I am challenging the subject or topic. When I sit … Continue reading “How does it feel when I think?”


An A thinker is someone who has grown, while participating in the class. They reach out to give and receive help from teachers/students/peers. They are attentive and open to different discussions and projects. They will keep others opinions and ideas in mind, so they can better understand or expand on something. A C thinker does the bare minimum. They … Continue reading Grades

As We May Think connection

As We May Think “The human mind does not work that way. It operates by association. With one item in its grasp, it snaps instantly to the next that is suggested by the association of thoughts, in accordance with some intricate web of trails carried by the cells of the brain.” I picked this … Continue reading As We May Think connection


Sometimes letter grades do not always define a persons ability or how they think. To me, the “A thinker” might just understand the material better than others in class. They might not have to study or spend any extra time on it because they just comprehended it well enough when it was being taught. Whereas … Continue reading Grades

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