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Guest Speaker

To be an effective guest speaker, I think that the speaker has to be able to leave an idea, thought, or belief within everyone in the audience’s mind. This is a tough thing to achieve since the speaker has no background on us, the audience. We all come from different households and all hold different … Continue reading Guest Speaker

Question Exploration

The very first thing I thought of was blogging and the purpose of it. Well blogs wouldn’t exist if the author did not want to post something. So then I came to the question of why do people blog. I thought about it in a different way and came up with why do people feel … Continue reading Question Exploration

Internet Changes Human’s Way of Interacting

Internet is an alternative way for face-to-face interaction. People find that the Internet is a faster way of communicating, learning, and interacting. In the other words, our society has shift the way of “hanging out, chatting, and talking” from face-to-face, writing a letter, or talking on the phone to using the Internet to sending emails,… Read More

Value of Fame Through Internet…if there is.

Why do people crave internet stardom and is there a significant outcome with value behind this? I chose this question because in today’s society, so many people are trying to become or are already famous through the internet using social media. Social media is all about how many likes, favorites, or followers you have. Are…

Question for Christina Engelbart

What was it like growing up with a dad that help mold what the internet is? Did you ever read “Augmenting…”? If so, did you understand it? How long did it take you to read it? Did you like it or not, even if it was your dad’s? What did he tell his family about–did … Continue reading Question for Christina Engelbart

Engelbart’s essay

After reading the essays on computer-human augmentation it has made me realize that computers are not simplifying our lives but rather making them more complex, detailed, overly accessible and chaotic. Essentially, we have become  driven to complete more and more daily tasks through the assistance of computers and other mechanical devices providing us with little … Continue reading Engelbart’s essay

My Quest.

What I believe my question MIGHT just be is: How has the internet (social media) brought awareness of racism in the United States? or Can the internet be used to fight against racism? I think I like the first question more for myself. When asked what interests me on a deep level, I instantly thought … Continue reading My Quest.

SEEI strategy

Upon review and re-review of Engelbert’s essay, I found him to be a highly verbose and confusing individual. It was such that I could barely make it through the essay. Yes, it is clear that he was a visionary and a man ahead of his time but much of what he was trying to get … Continue reading SEEI strategy

My Main Topics

Definitely confusion …but the willingness to not be confused Attempts at understanding Attempts to connect Attempts to be interested Change–fear of change?

Main Idea: Thought Processes

From looking at my blog posts and thinking about the reading that we’ve done, I feel like the main point of this class is about our thought processes. We are always trying to link things back to other things and then asking why. We’re always asking why. A major part of this is psychology. I … Continue reading Main Idea: Thought Processes

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