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The Effect of Presumed Media Influence on College Athletes Justin E. Anderson Brigham Young University – Provo 2012 copyright Search Google: Effect of Internet on Athletes? Athletes are now not only being examined for what they do on the field but also for what they are doing off of it. The stress that brings … Continue reading Sources

my new argument

At first my argument would be about the possibility of having no bias on wikipedia, but now I am expanding it. This is now about the possibility of having no bias on the entire internet. There is so much more I can do with this cause I’m not just limited to one subject. There is … Continue reading my new argument

Revised Argument

What do we know about the relationship between video games and human cognition and how might this knowledge influence therapies and video game development in the future? The effects of video games are widely debated. On one side, many people believe that video games are either harmful or a waste of time. That shooter games … Continue reading Revised Argument

Nugget: Personal Dynamic Media

“First, the children really can write programs that do serious things. Their programs use symbols to stand for objects, contain loops and recursions, require a fair amount of visualization of alternative strategies before a tactic is chosen, and involve interactive discovery and removal of “bugs” in their ideas. Second, the kids love it! The interactive … Continue reading Nugget: Personal Dynamic Media

Progress Report

This class has greatly improved my skill of asking more questions and how to better analyze different forms of work such as videos, or pieces of literature. I have found out many things about myself and the way that I learn, which was very interesting and enlightening. When we first started this class, I would … Continue reading Progress Report

Who am I on the Internet?

The internet is an outlet where people can go to express the way they feel about an issue, gain inspiration, or see a different outlook about a subject. I believe that my contribution to the world wide web is somewhat significant to what others have to say or feel when interacting in cyberspace. For example, … Continue reading Who am I on the Internet?


How will 3d printing change the way we use the Internet? 3D printing is in its primitive stages however it’s getting better very quickly. We hear of it hear and there but overall we don’t really know much about it. This technology has the potential to be the next big thing that changes this world … Continue reading Draft

Argument Paper

With the invention of the computer and the internet we have accomplished a lot, from becoming the largest source of knowledge to being used in everyday life. Things that the internet was not original designed for, but benefitted from anyway. Being connected to different people, places, and cultures is one of the unseen advances. Social media has … Continue reading Argument Paper


We live in a world where web/online is embedded in our lives as if we are as one “whole”. Without internet there wouldn’t be a social media, a web where you can search freely, and most importantly free access to the Internet to gather information. Most of our lives are consumed in the web in … Continue reading Draft


Do digitals, computers, electronics etc. Take away our creativity as individuals? In a day and age where most children are surrounded by every form electronic devices by the age of 5 we are, in return, slowly losing all sense of our creative spirit. Why is this important? This is important because we are slowly becoming … Continue reading Argument

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