Month: December 2015

UNIV 200 Grade

I am actually surprised to see how much of an A thinker that I’ve been with this class. In my previous UNIV class I can honestly say I was probably more of a C thinker. I think that part of that was my own laziness but part of that was the professor not making the … Continue reading UNIV 200 Grade

Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles reflection

  Skills       This course was extremely helpful in not only building certain skills but also in helping us identifying our innate skills that are required for efficient academic, professional and personal performances. For example, one of the major skills that I developed was to learn “how to think and reflect” rather than cramming up … Continue reading Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles reflection

Thoughts on the class/skills

My strongest skill is being extremely passionate about the things that I am interested in. I’m incredibly passionate about psychology and helping people with mental illness and I used that as my paper topic in this class. Being so passionate about something helped me to be interested in researching and writing my paper. I actually … Continue reading Thoughts on the class/skills

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