This is a resource page. It will be a record of what we find and discuss and use as we explore what it means to live with an inquiring mind.


  • What can we learn from the six thinkers in the course?
  • What do they have in common as far as inquiry and action is concerned?
  • To what extent do you dream BIG?

Our special digital engagement primer name is “Living the Dreams: Digital Investigation and Unfettered Minds.” The “dreams” we examine in this course are those of the pioneers and architects of the digital age, people like Vannevar Bush, J. C. R. Licklider, Doug Engelbart, Ted Nelson, Alan Kay, and Adele Goldberg.


Inquiring Minds Want to Know (8.25.15)

What’s a Grade Anyway? (8.27.15)

  • What’s in a grade?
    • What if we didn’t think of grades as numbers or percentages? What if we thought of grades as the aggregation of what we do as thinkers? In other words, what makes an ‘A’ thinker? ‘B’ thinker? ‘C’ thinker? The ‘D’/’F’ thinker?
      • What kind of intellectual moves do these people make or fail to make? To what degree? How often?
      • What attitudes and mindsets characterize each?
      • How proactive are each in seeking resources?
      • What kind of resources do each utilize and how?
      • To what extent does their work evince a particular grade? Does the work show intellectual growth?

      We’ll create a space to explore and clarify what our grades mean. Once we come to agreement, we’ll collectively hold ourselves and each other to these standards.

    • What’s the criteria? “I got a ‘C’ on a coat hanger sculpture?
    • Are they learning?” A report published in Inside Higher Education.

What does it mean to be curious? (9.1.15)

  • What does it take to be intellectually curious; to have an inquiring mind? We talked about what it feels like when you think, now explore what it feels like when you are curious? What do you do to discover interesting things? Can anything be truly boring if we dig deep enough? 
  • Watch this: Ted Talk: Tim Brown on Creativity and Playfulness

It’s often about Perspective!

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  1. I got to say I enter my own world when I think sometimes it is amazing, and other times it is terrible. It depends on the situation. Most of the time though I feel good when I think.

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