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SDIO Reflection

*Author’s note: While this reflection is not as pretty as others, it is meant to reflect on the growth in knowledge & skill in a manor that best reflects the modus operandi of that author. In other words, while I do appreciate visual complexities, I prefer to have this space reflect the bare-bones minimalist nature … Continue reading SDIO Reflection


I would be lying if I said I was not happy the semester is almost over. This class has brought me a lot of confusion, annoyance, and heart ache. Confusion, because there was no structure in the beginning. The blogs, readings, and assignment did not seem to have to do with anything. The leniency was … Continue reading Reflection

Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles Reflection

Skills: In this class the skills I gained were how to think deeper about certain topics. I learned that if you really invest your time into a topic that nothing can really be boring. When you dig down deeper instead of just staying on the surface you can find more topics that relate and make … Continue reading Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles Reflection

development assignment: smore

Lexi and Carly!

It’s Diamyn! Since I won’t be here this weekend, here’s my email —-> you can send me your papers if you want!


Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles reflection

Yay!! It’s finally over!! It’s coming down to an end, and I’m so hyped about it, I honestly was counting down the weeks until I could finish this class. For the first section of UNIV 200, I was not feeling it in any type of way at all. I thought the homework/blogging was confusing, instructions … Continue reading Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles reflection

Skills, Dispositions, Insights, and Obstacles

Rough Draft

UNIV 200 Paper

Sources for Paper

I reevaluated my research question and instead of writing about three areas(social, psychological, and physical health) that are affected by the improvement of technology, I’m limiting it to one; the psychological aspect. New Research Question: How are computers and the internet affecting the psychological aspect people as digital technology continues to expand? Outline Introduction Start … Continue reading Sources for Paper

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