Homework 6

Some of the main points that stood out the most to me that I wanted to discuss more were the topics of fast food and organic foods. When it comes to fast food we think of cheap and unhealthy food, this type of food makes it very accessible to the lower class. Because of this attraction to lower priced food many lower class people dwell upon fast food as a good, cheap, and fast option. This is a huge problem because it is not healthy food whatsoever, but given the price that doesn’t matter to people who are not well off. This leads into the organic side and how organics always cost more money but are the best of the best. With these two topics we can see a major and screwed up division throughout the US. The rich can afford organics and can have a healthy diet where as the poor cannot afford anything but fast food type meals with unhealthy dietary issues. This wage gap causes the impoverished areas to become more and more unhealthy, something needs to be done. We need to find a way to make organics more accessible to everyone. This is a very hard issue and it will take a lot of time. Ethical eating to me is actually almost non existent because of the situation I am in. I live with 5 roommates in a house and we always go for the cheapest options when it comes to food which lead to the least healthy options. There is a constant battle between pricing and healthiness when you are in college.

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