Hour 0: Get Your Eyes Right

Before we even get into the class itself, let’s talk about the activity of studying stuff online.

At minimum an online class involves a screen and your orientation to it. But check it. The world is full of screens and we are not well versed on the ways that we can interact with them in ways that not horribly unhealthy. So let’s think about how to be on a screen all day.

First, you should protect your eyes. Make sure that your screen isn’t any brighter than it needs to be.

Read this.

If you have a desktop, use Flux. On an Android? Try Twilight. Doing something similar on the iPhone is a bit complicated.

Next up, the most important component for getting through this course, maybe life itself: A notebook. You need to make sure you have a notebook.


da Vinci was like, “oh snap, i have an idea for a drawing. I better grab my notebook so I can one day be so famous they name a Ninja Turtle after me.”

Go get a notebook right now. Listen to this.

Now that have your notebook and your screen is properly calibrated. Now let’s talk about all that sitting that you are doing. Watch this:

Kinda messed up, right? Now, watch this:

I think these cats have good suggestions. Try them out. Work it out such that you are not sitting for the duration of this class.