Hour 15. Now, Go forth and interpret.


This is it folks. We have arrived at the last hour, which is a kind of “final exam.”


It’s time to get your interpretation on. I will post a bunch of artworks, movies, music, the whole jam, and you need to render your understandings and judgements on them in your notebooks. YOU READY!??



Untitled leg by Matthew Marks


Still by Whitfield Lovell




Installation by Dread Scott.


Slideshow of Kara Walker’s A Subtlety


Unravelling and Unravelled by Sonya Clark




We could go on. But it seems to me already that there is quite a lot to think about.


I suppose we have come to an end to the 15 hours of What’s in a Museum? It is my hope that the time you have spent in this class has helped to make you more comfortable with contemporary art, and better able to develop and understanding of it. The ICA opens in April. We will be waiting for you.