Nugget #4 Computer Lib/ Dream Machines


“…Computers are simply a necessary and enjoyable part of life, like food and books. Computers are not everything, they are just an aspect of everything, and not to know this is computer illiteracy, a silly and dangerous ignorance.” 

As I read through the Computer Lib/ Dream Machinespaper, that small paragraph resonated within my mind. It stuck with me mainly because it almost describes my primary digital text, Pinterest. The paragraph points out that computers are an important but leisurely activity in our everyday lives much like Pinterest. It goes on to say that “computers are NOT everything” but an “aspect of everything”. It basically supports the argument that we do not need to be completely reliant on computers, but because they are everywhere and will be…forever, its a good idea to become familiar with them. This text is a very good description of the concept of Pinterest. Pinterest has grown from 40,000 users in 2010, when it first started to  70 million users by the end of 2013. The image I have chosen illustrates how much bigger can Pinterest get? So many people are now active users of the website, more people might as well become accustomed to it.


I am so glad Sara selected the same quote as me, it gives me someone els’s point of view on the same thing I picked. She pointed out how computers can become a negative aspect of society as did Elephant Flower. Sara implied how this nugget points out that computers are actually damaging human society. She also made note of the fact that we cannot get rid of them and we need them as part of our everyday lives. I found something very interesting that she stated was that computers should be used in moderation and linked it to social media.

Elephant Flower, I love you are consistent with having a negative connection with computers and society. The clip of the Boston Dynamics is very interesting. I found what you said very interesting about “robots are inorganic, consciousness only occurs in an organic brain”. But, at the very root of things, aren’t robots designed and programmed by humans? Robotic technology is expanding very quick in all fields, but I feel everyone has their opinion of whether its harmful or beneficial to them.

Zahra, when I read the quote you selected, it immediately reminded me of the space race, when he world’s powerhouses were racing against each other to develop better technology to get into outer space. When you said “putting people down” I immediately imagined that meant putting competition down.

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