Nugget #5: Personal Dynamic Media

“… The Dynabook can be used as an interactive memory or file cabinet. The owners’s context can be entered through a keyboard and active editor, retained and modified indefinitely, and displayed on demand in a font of publishing quality…”

–       Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg

The concept of a Dynabook intrigues me very much. The idea, in its time, was a genius idea! In this article by Kay and Goldberg, this passage catches my attention. This description is very well tailored to our modern day personal computer. With access to the Internet, on the personal computer we are able to accomplish everything described above and much more.


Thinking back to the original nugget from Bush’s paper, this description would also be an ideal concept of what he envisioned in that quotation. It all goes back to the integration of a system that infinitely stores knowledge and then has the capability to manipulate and retrieve stored information. Although the Dynabook has limited disk space, evolution in technology would eventually overcome that hurdle. As of yet, there have been no storage limits on Pinterest or a time limit of how long information will be stored for. Information on Pinterest can be stored like it would be in a file cabinet and will be able for reclamation anytime we please.


Yusr4 has discussed the iPad quiet often mainly because it is the main topic of her paper. The nugget I chose also applies to an iPad because it is basically a portable “fancy” personal computer. When we take into consideration the portability of the personal computer, there are infinite possibilities of uses. It can be used, and has been in use in other settings other than the OR or medical settings. VCU Univ. 200 also selected the same nugget that Yurs4 selected but his main point was to call out the waiting times in our waiting rooms. The medical practice I work in, one of our main issues is also waiting times. We are constantly looking form new programs or updates that we can utilize to speed up patient waiting times. Colin talks about the use of a Dynabook in relation to music. He discusses how easy it would be to compose music because you would be able to do multiple things such as edit your composition immediately and self-evaluate it. In the article there was also mention of comparing your composition to professional pieces. That would be great!

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