Concept Experience #3: Diigo as a “dynamic knowledge repository”

I am brand new to Diigo. I never used it until today. So it is difficult to make any in-depth comments. My first impression is that Diigo has certain nice features which make it more efficient to work with information available on the internet. I think, it is a useful assistant of a search engine. I appreciate the highlighter and sticky-note feature. It is certainly a step (maybe a small one, but still a step) in the direction of Engelbart’s vision that he described in his 1962 paper “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework.”

My metaphor for bits of knowledge is a “tessera“(plural is tesserae). I think about my research as creating a mosaic. Tesserae are individual tiles from which mosaics are formed – so that explains where my metaphor is coming from. I collect tesserae as artists collect small pieces of glass and stone . Some pieces are flashy and exciting and some may seem boring and dull at the first glance, but I hope that they will all fit perfectly into the final composition I am going to create.

Pallas Athena

After listening to Bonnie’s advice and also because our family went recently through few sleepless nights worrying about the health of our daughter, I decided to change my inquiry topic to one that I am interested in learning more about: “Cancer, the silent killer: Awareness, prevention and advances in treatment.” I am going to focus on types of cancer that are specific for women (such as breast, cervical and ovarian cancer) but also try cover other types of cancer.

Below are first few links to some webpages that are relevant to my new topic from which I intend to harvest my tesserae to build up my inquiry project.

Ovarian cancer Tests and diagnosis – Diseases and Conditions – Mayo Clinic

Dr. Lu on how blood tests can fight ovarian cancer – Video on

Ovarian Cysts Causes, Symptoms, Treatment – Ovarian Cysts Causes

Facing hereditary breast cancer and its agonizing choices

Angelina Jolie’s Preventive Mastectomy

A promising test for pancreatic cancer – Jack Andraka

Symptoms Warn of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cyst

Updated 6/29/2014

Justin thinks of Englebert’s “kernels” as “pools.” I believe this is a very unique metaphor for pieces of knowledge or information.

Courtesy of Justin

He explains that “thoughts and ideas have the potential to flow from one pool to another. And at the same time, perhaps there is an underwater system connecting these pools. But on the surface, each is unique. These pools represent any repository of information such as research or even each other. We each possess our individual knowledge and we share it when it is convenient but otherwise stay within our pools.”

The knowledge from several pools can be mixed together or one can dip into one pool and extract some useful piece of information. These all are very nice nice metaphors for doing research.

5 thoughts on “Concept Experience #3: Diigo as a “dynamic knowledge repository””

  1. Your metaphor was really sweet! I like how you included a lot about your personal life in this post. From the things you collect to your new Inquiry Project proposal. I respect that you are passionate about your new idea, just as I am about mine. Both of our topics have to do with the medical field and maybe down the road we will have similar points of research! I will keep your topic in mind and update you if I find anything interesting!

    On another not I like the line you quoted from Justin! I was thinking about writing a metaphor similar to his but I just could not articulate it that well. I will have to check his blog post out!

    Good work!

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