Inquiry Project Proposal #2

After reading plethora of Bonnie’s helpful comments, I have realized that my idea of inquiry project was completely wrong. First I thought that can write a nice paper about a physical phenomenon that I was excited about as a teenager and make it interesting, illustrated and with online references to be a nice reading for preteen kids or kids in their early teens, like my children. But the problem was that this problem was solved more than hundred years ago. My second try was about cancer research. This is a very current topic, but it is impossible to get new results/conclusions about cancer treatment or detection from reading online articles or joying awareness forums. Finally, and I am sorry that I got it so late, I understood that this project is not about a nice readable online article about an interesting topic (like a textbook chapter), neither it is about reporting on the latest progress of someone else (I cannot hope that I will come up with a breakthrough in cancer treatment when even this young genius needed a John Hopkins University lab to finish his research). I finally got it that this project is about how to use online media (as many as possible) to obtain an answer to a question that intrigues me but was not answered yet (in other words we cannot find a definitive answer of it on the internet). It cannot be a scientific question since I don’t think I have the capacity to solve problems that even experts don’t have answers to. Hence it has to be a question that is debatable and people have variable opinions about the topic. All of a sudden, it struck me.

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I have been working as a make-up artist in Qatar for five years. In the Middle East, make-up is a must for any woman and most women wear full heavy make-up (so called Khaliji make-up) all day long. Since doing make-up is my daily work, I completely forgot about how important actually make-up is for my clients and women in general. I also realized how much controversy make-up generates. I have recently seen articles on the internet that were bashing make-up. Thus, I decided to change my topic once again (for the last time). Here is my research project:

Do all women agree that wearing make-up has positive impact on women’s career, improves her relationship with a partner and boosts her self-esteem?

The power of make-up

I will tell you about my own experience with make-up. When I was younger, I didn’t like make up. I was against it because I thought it alters the a natural beauty of women. I did not realize the importance of make up until we moved to the Middle East. People here pay much more attention to their looks than people in the US. How you look is very important here, because you will be treated according to your looks. Women wearing designer clothes, shoes hand bags, expensive watches are treated better. Also Caucasian people are treated better that Asian people or people from Africa. I experienced it first-hand. When I am in a mall without make-up people treat me as if I was a maid. I don’t want to go into details, but believe me, you will feel the difference. When I put on make-up things significantly changed. Especially if I do a make-up that changes my face completely so that I look Caucasian (I usually end up looking as a Lebanese 🙂 ). So, looking back at those times when I did not wear make-up I now realize I would have been much more successful if I was wearing make-up. Make-up can also help you conceal not only imperfections in your face, but also emotions that you don’t want to reveal. For instance, during the interview for a position at MAC Cosmetics I was wearing full make up. I was very nervous and stressed and I without make-up I would look like a white sheet of paper. But, because I had face drenched with make-up complemented with a strong red lipstick, I was able to hide my fears behind my make-up mask, like an actor in Old Greece hides used to hide his face behind a mask. So, using this mask, I was able to project this strong persona with mega self-confidence to the hiring manager and , of course, I got the job as a make-up artist 🙂 . Since that day I started loving make up. I became to think of my make-up as a shield. It was a mask under which I can hide, and I can be someone else, a tougher and stronger person, that will not be so easily hurt. I always loved to draw, and with my new profession, I realized that instead of painting pictures on canvas, I can create art on a person’s face using my make-up brushes. In my research I intend to use, twitter, blogging, Facebook, Instagram, online forums to get answers to my questions.

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  1. Those pictures in that link you posted are very powerful, it truly highlights what makeup can do. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing that make up can do so much. My first guess would’ve been Photoshop, although I am neither an expert in makeup or Photoshop. It’s good that you found a topic you are interested in and have experienced firsthand.

  2. I think your question is really interesting and I think a lot of people have strong opinions about it. Your personal experience also makes a strong argument and made me, as a reader, more interested. I hope you incorporate that into your final project somehow!!

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