Monday 8:30-4:00
Introduction to the Institute
Welcome from Our Sponsors
Community Building (Getting to Know Each Other)
Introspection (Getting to Know Ourselves)
Tools & Strategies for Diverse Classrooms


Tuesday 8:30-4:00
Facilitator-in-Residence: Mathew Ouellett, Ed.D., Teaching Inclusively


Wednesday 8:30-4:00
 Facilitator-in-Residence: Mathew Ouellet, Ed. D., Teaching Inclusively
 Zewelanji Serpell, Ph.D., Stereotype Threat and Solo Status


Thursday (all day, times TBA)
Retreat with Rev. Ben Campbell , M.Div., Hon. D.Div., Richmond Hill Retreat Center


Friday 8:30-1:00
Closing Ceremony with Potluck Luncheon