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The Innovation in Child and Family Wellness Research Group (Innovative Wellness) seeks to offer innovative solutions to prevent adverse childhood experiences and promote child and family well-being through the development and dissemination of empirically-based knowledge, practice, and policy.

Preventing E-cigarette use among high-risk adolescents: A trauma-informed prevention approach

Young people with a history of trauma or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are increasingly turning to tobacco and nicotine products to cope with trauma symptoms. Recent findings show that vaping nicotine is now widespread among high school students. Indeed, American teens now use electronic cigarettes more than combustible cigarettes. This is alarming because nicotine use […]

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Innovative Wellness Awarded Research Grant to Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences

As shared in VCU NEWS, we are pleased to announce that our “Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences and Promoting Child and Family Wellness” study is funded by Families Forward Virginia. The study will be two-fold, with a focus on examining the impact adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) might have on parenting behaviors and subsequently the outcome of […]

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