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The Innovation in Child and Family Wellness Research Group (Innovative Wellness) seeks to offer innovative solutions to prevent adverse childhood experiences and promote child and family well-being through the development and dissemination of empirically-based knowledge, practice, and policy.

Do adverse childhood experiences in childhood increase the risk for depression in new mothers?

Many who have experienced potentially traumatic events in childhood struggle with depression later in life. Previous research has highlighted the importance of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in the increase of postpartum depression risks. Findings from our LIFE Study further supported the association between ACEs and postpartum depression. We found that ACEs were linked to increased […]

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Asking the right question: should vaping be banned VS. why are young adults vaping in the first place?

Vaping has been a hot topic in the news recently with swirling questions around device safety, questionable ingredients, and long-term consequences. In an article entitled The Actual Harms of Vaping featured in The Atlantic, Dr. Sunny Shin,  Director of Innovative Wellness, recently reminded readers of the real question: why are young adults drawn to nicotine […]

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