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The Innovation in Child and Family Wellness Research Group (Innovative Wellness) seeks to offer innovative solutions to prevent adverse childhood experiences and promote child and family well-being through the development and dissemination of empirically-based knowledge, practice, and policy.

New Study Shows Connection Between Child Maltreatment and E-cigarette Use in Young Adults

E-cigarette use has now overtaken cigarette use among American teens, partially because they view e-cigarette use as lower in risk. Many young adults who have experienced abuse or neglect in their childhood struggle with substance abuse, including nicotine dependence; however, we are still learning about why this connection exists, including whether e-cigarettes should be included […]

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Why are Blankets, Pillows, and Stuffed Animals Bad for Your Babies?

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) accounts for approximately 3,500 deaths in the United States annually. Soft bedding can limit your baby’s access to fresh air and unnecessarily increase the risk of suffocation, a leading cause of SUID. Research suggests that SUID can be prevented by following infant safe sleep practices, which include placing infants on […]

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