Ye Olde Pencil & Paper Notebooke

I mentioned doodling in my previous post. Welllllll, that last logo image wasn’t the actual first doodle of the proposed ALT Lab logo redesign. More often than not, I prefer to start with ye olde Pencil & Paper. This was that doodle page:

After I get a few ideas I like down on physical paper in my trusty crusty notebook, I’ll then pop over into Adobe Illustrator to see about getting them malleable in digital vector format. I’ve started using Sketch for wireframing and web building and like it a lot and it does have some capable vector control, so maybe I’ll be switching full time to it, but for now, AI is de facto because I know it like the back of my hand.

A fever dream is only a metaphor… Is only a meta…is only…

Waaaay too many unorganized layers. Do not follow.

In AI, I’ll attempt some inefficient organization of ideas in layers
and keep iterating ideas with the Pen tool. I’ll then go back to my book for more physical sketching. Eventually the ratio of my time spent leans more toward AI and there I usually stay for a while until the next fever dream of an idea strikes – then back to the good book again.

So after a bit of time, multiple ideas for a logo started to surface. Some ugly and some not so ugly.  I’ll show you examples of both later…