Hello there! I haven’t mentioned anything about the logo saga (or anything at all) in a post for about a week, so I’m here to change that.

One thing about me and logos: is it usually takes many iterations of a design for me to feel happy with it. I like to think I’ll hit a homerun my first at bat, but that’s rare, like .000001 rare (It has happened, though! I’m think of you ™ Certified!).

This project is proving about the same. Some good ideas, some bad ones, maybe a really good one. I’ll let you look at my path of exploration:


Globe logo of Alt LabI liked where this started, but it wasn’t really anything special and a bit generic. Anything could go on a geo-sphere earth…






Now this was unique. Going off the original logo design that played up the A-L-T into one design , I really like where this interpretation of that went. But, it was a bit abstract and maybe a bit too Scientific-y.

Back to the drawing board.





Hand gesture of a lowercase ‘a’… Just exploring here. I’m not sure if this gesture offends anyone – maybe just me now after looking at it again.






Kinda fun. Maybe too fun.







Looking at simple sign design perhaps? Naaa…






Ahh! Now this I like! This has potential! I like the angles. It’s strong. It’s tight. There’s some fun things happening with negative space that I can use (Happy Coincidence!). Do you see it?

Ooooh, good things.



Trying a different version of the above.

Not so much love here..





And then finally, I think this:

Taking that negative space and using it to my positive advantage. In that space, I immediately saw a comment balloon. That makes me think of a ‘conversation’. That’s us. Join us in a conversation about what we can do for you. Bingo. Lots of possibilities here.


Then I went for it with this:

 Maybe  a bit too far. 😉