Back to Basics (logo discussion part IV)

Simplicity. The best ideas usually end up that way for me.

This is the (proposed) new, simpler ALT Lab “logo” (or wordmark, more appropriately) for the redesign of the ALT Lab site.

alt lab logo



A Google font named Oswald.

There is a bit of customization with spacing and sizing going on ( font-weight: 700; font-size: 12em; letter-spacing: 0.2px; line-height: 0.9; ) to make it what it is you see here (See? It’s not totally generic!). And of course the call-out comment bubble survived, which I’m happy about.*

The new addition to the logo are the “flat-to-wavy” lines behind it. Are they part of the logo? Yeah, they are. Those subtlety transforming lines are for me and my intent the “show” portion of the “tell” – the “tell” being the words below spelling out ‘Academic Learning Transformation Lab’. I can’t really have the transforming lines without the text to give them meaning, buuut since I do, I think it works. 😉

Next up:  The full redesign of the site home page reveal…!

*(HINT: That single pixel line art plays into a larger graphic style on the redesigned home page, but that’s for a later discussion and unveiling.)

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