In this post, I will be lazily drawing a connection from the Past to the Present using the discovery of Ancient Browser Bookmarks.

I don’t know how many of you follow the habit of always importing your old web bookmarks/favorites from browser to browser, year to year, for seemingly forever. I predict that many of you have since it’s the default behavior of most browsers. You just go with the flow, like me.

If you do, you’ll be glad you did! (another Past/Present wordplay there…)

Netscape Navigator bookmark folder icon
(from the ancient relic Netscape, kids)

I found many such bookmarking gems, but one in particular I will discuss here, because it’s oddly amusing.

Inside one of my old pixel-dusted bookmark folders labeled innocently enough ‘Personal Interest‘, there was a folder named ‘Architecture‘ – a long lost interest of mine.

Inside that, there was only ONE bookmark – so it must have been a good one! A real treasure, perhaps! I was especially excited when I noticed I had re-named the bookmark at some point to read STEVE HOLT! ARCHITECTURE

pic of Steve Holt I laughed at my cheeky former self.

The website was actually for Steven HOLL Architecture.

I began clicking around the site trying to figure out why I had saved this many years ago – probably from the earliy 2000s based on the AD reference. So what was it that made me bookmark this? I have no idea. It IS a nicely designed site NOW. Maybe it was then, too. Maybe that was the reason.

As I clicked around the site some more, I noticed a World Map section. I clicked it. The map was littered with circles denoting certain points with some clustered over North America. I began to zoom in. And zoom in some more.

gif map of Richmond zoom in

It seemed RVA was squarely in one of the circles. Indeed it was!

So I clicked the circle. Behold! It contained information for the new ICA of VCU!

Eureka! My past self must have known I would be working for VCU one day, exactly in the same year that HOLL architecture would be building their beautiful piece of architecture! Fascinating!! How DID my clever past self know this?!

OK. That’s some lazy connecting of the dots with 20/20 hindsight, but it’s still fun.

Now you try it.

Look to see if you have a collection of old, forgotten bookmarks Netscape Navigator bookmark icon that your past self once deemed absolutely worthy of saving, but your present self could seemingly care less about (considering you never visit them anymore.)

I’m sure you can find something. Maybe, just maybe,  you’ll find a hidden message from your former past self…

One thought on “Bookmarking the Future INSTITUTE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, VCU

  1. That is a pretty cool cycle. Sadly, I gave up migrating bookmarks in the 2003/04 era. I would like to see them now. Some are probably on but I can’t get that to load at the moment. My earliest on pinboard at in 2010.

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