It’s All About The Oysters

Reading The Dying Detective was very interesting to me because it was one of the stories that was adapted into an episode for the cartoon show Sherlock Holmes In The 22nd Century, which I had seen prior to reading the story it was based on. The name of the episode was changed to The Deranged Detective, but mentioned that it was based on this story. Having seen the adaptation version before reading the original story, I already had the general ‘What is going on’, ‘Is Sherlock Holmes really sick’, and etc. in mind- so the story was less of a whodunnit and more of how it was depicted in this version. I remember from the T.V episode, where at one point Sherlock Holmes has made everyone think that he’s also become deranged (along with the show’s Inspector Lestrade), and one of his humourous lines is, “It’s all about the oysters, isn’t it?” I had wondered whether this statement was just something that had been put into the show, and not derived from the story- I really enjoyed seeing that it is indeed a reference to something Sherlock Holmes says in the story when he’s pretending to be delirious. Overall I liked seeing how the original story compared with the adaptation- what things they had that were similar, and what were changed to work better with the adaptation’s plot. It’s all about the Oysters, isn’t it?

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