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The crime that I have chosen was the killing and dismemberment of David Guy in England by his friend David Hilder. The crime is estimated to have taken place betwixt 30 June and 3 July 2012 in Portsmouth. It is believed that David Guy and David Hilder got into an argument, and Hilder, in a moment of loss of self-control, killed him. He then ‘painstakingly’ cut up the body, put the pieces in the box that he had on the front of his bicycle and disposed of the different parts in various scattered locations. The criminal Hilder was found out because of a curious piece of evidence. After the crime, on 5 July, Hilder travelled to the Shoreham Police Station in Sussex, and told them he thought he might have killed someone- at the time he appeared very confused, and it was thought that he might have overdosed. The victim’s torso was found on Southsea Beach in Hampshire wrapped in bin liners and a curtain- upon the curtain were hairs from the Cat that lived with Hilder. It was confirmed that it was unlikely the hairs could have come from any other nearby Cats, and with this evidence- combined with other things they discovered when searching his flat- it was determined that Hilder was indeed the one who had committed the crime. David Hilder was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to life in prison with a 12-year minimum for possible parole eligibility. The media was immensely interested in this case, especially because one of the key pieces of evidence was something as ordinary and seemingly unimportant as a Cat hair. This case led to the creation of a UK Cat DNA database.

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