Post 6

A Study In Emerald was very interesting to me and fun to read, because I’ve already read several H. P. Lovecraft stories- including The Call Of Cthulhu– I’ve actually got a Complete Fiction collection of all of his stories, which I’m still in the middle of. Because of this I recognised a lot of the things mentioned in the story, like the Old Ones. I like how the author blended the two storyworlds together, and created something with key traits from each. For example, the murder victim having green blood, the queen not being a human, and in the play the villain is the Roman priest who gets beaten to death with his own cross. Actually, the green blood part reminded me a lot of my Pastiche that I wrote- it was interesting to see how my story and this story had similar things such as that, and had things that were different, like the Old Ones. It was a very clever take for the author to subtly reveal that the two ‘villains’ in this story were actually versions of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. This story also definitely seemed like a comedy, or at least with comedic aspects in it, such as when Holmes and Watson are sharing their vices: “I am selfish, private and easily bored. Will this be a problem?” (Holmes, Page 1). The silly ads throughout the story also added to the story’s humour, such as ‘Jekyll’s Powders’ and ‘[Spring-Heeled] Jack’s Boots’.

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