Post 11

I thought it was an interesting change how in both the episode we saw in Elementary and the one in Sherlock Irene Adler ends up losing ‘the game’, unlike the original Sherlock Holmes story where she ultimately wins against Holmes. Also, in both of them, we see Irene Adler winning multiple times before she finally… Continue reading Post 11

Post 10

This was my first time seeing 1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns, and I can see a lot of similarities betwixt it and Sherlock Holmes In The 22nd Century– Holmes in some way or another being brought back to life/revived from preserved sleep, a women Watson/Lestrade, and Holmes having to adapt to the new ways… Continue reading Post 10

Post 9

Before feebly attempting to defend Philip Shreffler’s argument, I want to note that frankly I disagree with the majority of what he is writing- particularly how he’s referring to his group of devotees as ‘elite’. Using this description is strongly giving the impression of elitism, which is hardly something that one would consider to be… Continue reading Post 9

Post 8

In the two stories we read for Tuesday, I actually found it quite refreshing to have instances where Sherlock Holmes was depicted as being fallible. In both these stories and in references in both real life and other fandoms, Holmes is very often depicted as being this genius detective who follows all of the clues… Continue reading Post 8

Post 7

Before we get into whether or not The Sign Of The Four is a racist book, we need to keep in mind that, as many people brought up yesterday, this novel was written in and takes place in the Victorian era- because of this, it is obviously not going to be up to the present-day… Continue reading Post 7

Post 6

A Study In Emerald was very interesting to me and fun to read, because I’ve already read several H. P. Lovecraft stories- including The Call Of Cthulhu– I’ve actually got a Complete Fiction collection of all of his stories, which I’m still in the middle of. Because of this I recognised a lot of the… Continue reading Post 6

Post 5

The crime that I have chosen was the killing and dismemberment of David Guy in England by his friend David Hilder. The crime is estimated to have taken place betwixt 30 June and 3 July 2012 in Portsmouth. It is believed that David Guy and David Hilder got into an argument, and Hilder, in a… Continue reading Post 5

Post 4

Watching the adaptation of The Hound Of The Baskervilles after reading the story definitely impacted how I viewed the movie. For one thing, since in the book Stapleton’s so-called ‘sister’ Beryl is in on the plot (albeit reluctantly), during the entire movie up until the end scene I believed Beryl in the movie to actually… Continue reading Post 4