All work is due the date it appears on the syllabus. This schedule is a living document! Check it WEEKLY for updates and adjustments.

Unit I:

Jan 14 – Welcome!
Jan 16 – In class: Annotations, Counter-mapping, and Counter-storytelling. No reading assigned.
Jan 18 – No in class meeting: watch our announcements page for directions!

Sunday, Jan. 20th is the last day to add / drop classes. 

Jan 21 – MLK day! The University is closed.
Jan 23 – Why a walkout? Look over Virginia Educators United and read: “When Universities Swallow Cities” [FI course reader].
Jan 25 – Follow up on Wednesday discussion. Deadline for students to provide advance written notification to observe religious holidays.

Jan 28 – #RedForEd day of action. No class or office hours.
Jan 30 – Mieville – The City and The City, chs 1-9
Feb 1 – Mieville – The City and The City, chs 10-15; discuss Unit I Multimodal Assignment.

Feb 4 – Field trip! In class we’ll be following the directions posted online here.
Feb 6 – Mieville – The City and The City, chs 21-25
Feb 8 – Mieville – The City and The City, chs 26-29

Feb 11 – Cabell Library Work Day: meet outside The Workshop.
Feb 13 – Mieville – ‘The Limits of Utopia” [course reader] Feb 15 – Unit I Multimodal Project Due in class.

Unit II:

Feb 18 – Mieville – ‘The Limits of Utopia” – reread from annotations in 10, 11, 12, and 2pm.
Feb 20 – Mieville CONTINUED! Introduce Unit II.
Feb 22 – Second #DayAway: watch our announcements page for directions.

Feb 25 – VCU mapping: redux.
Feb 27 – Power mapping continued! Bring your readers to class.
Mar 1 – Topic workshop. No reading assigned.

Mar 4 – Spring break, no classes.
Mar 6 – Spring break, no classes.
Mar 8 – Spring break, no classes.

Mar 11 – Unit II and Unit III core assignments – a rundown!
Mar 13 – Workshop: topic pitches and drafting.
Mar 15 – Creating your research teams. 1-sentence summary due to class google doc before class (10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm). Get your topic worksheets and access to Dr. Reed’s Unit II folder. Have laptops in class!

Mar 18 – Power Mapping workshop.
Mar 20 – Meet in the FILL (Harris Hall 5116), directions are online here.
Mar 22 – #DayAway: Individual Presentations! Videos due to Drive by 11:59pm Sunday, March 24th.

Friday March 22nd is the last day to withdraw from class with a “W.”  Consult with your academic advisor before dropping a class.

Mar 25 – Annotating your map: research launch.
Mar 27 – Annotating your map: drafting day.  Meet in the basement of Cabell Library, outside of the workshop.
Mar 29 – #DayAway: watch our announcements page for directions.

Unit III:

Apr 1 – Unit II writing due at midnight. Introduce Unit III: Synthesis.
Apr 3 – Back to the future! Identifying dominant narrative assumptions. Read Farman – “The Myth of the Disconnected Life.”
Apr 5 – ICA day! Directions posted under announcements.

Apr 8 – Identifying Dominant Narratives.
Apr 10 – Dominant Narratives and Counternarratives: Workshop (have your laptops!)
Apr 12 – Counternarratives. Read Branch – “The Shame of College Sports

Apr 15 – Grant – “The New Orleans Police Raid That Launched a Dancer Resistance” (T-P article).
Apr 17 – Group presentations work day — meet in the basement of Cabell Library.
Apr 19 – #DayAway: Group presentations! Final projects due to Drive by 11:59pm TODAY.

Apr 22 – Debrief! Complete your Presentation Debrief surveys by class on Wednesday.
Apr 24 – In class: Writing Workshop.
Apr 26 – In class: polishing.

Unit III writing due at midnight, Sunday April 28th.
Apr 29 – Last day of formal class! Here’s what we need to accomplish:

May 1 – FI Expo: Student Commons; Speaker (Commons Theater) 1pm, Poster session (Richmond Salons) 2-4pm.