Out Sick Today!

Good morning!

Unfortunately, I am going to need to be out sick today (Friday, March 24th). I’ll email you later today with directions for next week, but I encourage you to use the off hour to meet with your groups to gameplan for presentations. You can find practice rooms in the library and in the FILL (HH 5116).

Apologies, and see you all soon!

Prof. Reed

Summer Study Abroad in Greece Applications Due April 1

The Global Education Office and the American College of Greece are pleased to offer VCU students a new summer study abroad program in Athens. The program offers an exceptional opportunity to take classes in a wide range of academic disciplines, all taught in English, while living in historic Athens, Greece. Located on a breathtaking hillside at the edge of Athens, the ACG campus is an ideal setting for study in Greece, combining a fully immersive cultural experience and rich academic programs.

A couple of important notes about this program: 1. You can take UNIV200. 2. You can take other required Gen Ed courses for VCU credit. 3. tuition and fees match what you’d pay if you stayed in Richmond for the summer and took two courses.

It’s a pretty good deal! Learn more about the program here.

Class Wednesday, Mar. 15th

Hello all!

Wednesday (tomorrow): Independent library day (no in-class meeting). Please use Cabell physically or virtually to collect respectable sources for your stakeholder bibliography. Choose 5 sources, ideally 2 primary and 3 secondary, that reflect your stakeholder group’s needs, interests, or claims to their space. These sources should be fair and representative (questions about that? ask a librarian!). Your secondary sources should (for at least 2/3) be substantive. Read those sources before class on Friday. Come to class with access to those texts. In class Friday we’ll vet your sources.

  • Primary sources: social media postings, public addresses, public statements (especially by leaders, organizers, or special interest groups), etc.
  • Secondary sources: news coverage, critical analysis, publications by government or non profit groups, editorials, etc.

Friday: Source vetting! Come to class with laptops, access to your five sources, and an ability to state why these sources are valuable and reasonable for a critical bibliography on the needs of a public interest group. 

These sources are *not* academic (i.e. peer reviewed) but the standards remain high! When in doubt: use the library staff to help you here. 

I’ll be in for usual office hours tomorrow, 11-1. I’ll see you then if you want any support! 

Upcoming Events

Hello all! There are some incredible events coming up this February. See below for details, and don’t forget we’ve got a mandatory film screening coming up Thursday evening of next week. If you have a school, family, or work conflict you’ll need to contact me *before* class on Wednesday.

RVA First Fridays (website | facebook) – Friday is First Friday! Actually, the first Friday of every month is First Friday. Come on out some month and enjoy it.

Common Book Events (website | facebook) – these events are organized in concert with VCU’s 2016-2017 read of Just Mercy, which we’ll be discussing in class next week. The Thurs screening is part of this project.

Black History Month (website) – February is Black History Month, and VCU has some great programming this year.


Sophia Holtz performed her university thesis on the collection of poems about nuclear weapons testing, radioactivity, and atomic kitsch. In one of her interviews, she said that she read the book The Making of The Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes in which there is a very comprehensive description about the history of Atomic Era and how Manhattan project was initiated and how it gradually led to the creation of Atomic Bomb.  She told that this formation of Atomic bomb linked back to the discovery of the radiation.  Sophia told in the interview that she also read another realistic novel Radioactive which described more specifically about her relationships with Pierre Curie, her husband who was also a scientist. She was a very strong lady who was working on such a sophisticated task with lots of complex challenges but she stood successful from it. The people hesitated to give her the Nobel Prize but her works and contribution in the field demanded that she must be awarded Nobel Prize.  Sophia told that she also read the “Marie Curie to Radium” writings and she has an aim that she would also include lots of information from Marie’s book into her writings. She said that this is one of the most prominent writings which could give her thesis very notice place in the society.

Instructions for Friday, January 20th

Hello all! Don’t forget we won’t meet in class on Friday. Instead, I’d like you to follow the instructions for your class below.

9am Instructions For Friday

1. Follow the instructions here  to go to Rampages, sign up for an account, and create a URL. Please note: if you don’t want your materials associated with your human identity you should not use your VCU Username as your URL.

2. Please complete this form.

10am Instructions for Friday

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