If you missed class today, Friday Nov 17th:

I need you to do a few things!

  1. Change the title of your Unit II google doc to “lastname – Unit II” (example: Reed – Unit II).
  2. Create a google doc for your final paper and share it with Dr. Reed with the title “lastname – Final Paper.” Note: Google Docs has an option to auto-generate an APA formatted report! Go to Google Drive / New / Google Docs > (hover over the arrow) / from a template.
  3. Put your intro and outline into your new document!

Migrating to UNIV 200

Hello all! I am teaching 3 sections of UNIV 200 in the spring, 2 in person and 1 online. This means I won’t be able to accommodate all of my fall UNIV 112 students in my spring sections. If you are interested in joining me in the spring, take note:

  • My UNIV 200 sections will be “closed” until November 28th. 
  • My three sections of UNIV 200 are: section 029 (9am MWF),  section 040 (MWF 1pm), and section 095 (taught online).
  • If you would like to join me in one of these sections you need to send an email to fioverride@vcu.edu from your VCU email account by 9:00 am on November 27th, including your V#, the information that you are currently enrolled in my UNIV 112, and the CRN for the section of UNIV 200 for which you would like to register. 
  • Remember you need to have a C (70 points) to progress from UNIV 112 to UNIV 200. We cannot add you to my sections if you have active holds on your account.

I hope to see you in the spring!

Instructions for Wednesday Nov. 8th

It’s election day! If you are voting locally don’t forget to Get Out The Vote!

For class today I want you to return to the first page of your Unit II document, and use the guided writing we did on Oct 25th to draft an introduction to your final paper. The introduction should be no more than two paragraphs (preferably just one), and may steal or adapt from the first paragraph of your Unit II writing.

Please keep this material at the front of your Google Doc, leaving your Unit II writing assignment in tact.

Questions for Synthesis Review, 11/3

Welcome to Synthesis Review Day! Today you’ll share your Google Doc with your group members and give one another feedback on the work you have done so far. Here is a checklist to guide you in confirming they’ve completed central requirements of the assignment.

  1. Is the narrative frame clearly identified? Is that narrative frame distinct from the writer’s position?
  2. Does the document have 3-4 sources cited? Do at least 2 sources support the chosen narrative frame?
  3. Does the synthesis statement use narrative method to understand the sources? This can include any (but does not have to include all) discussion of the following:
    • the narrative’s protagonist,
    • language used in the sources to show sympathy or favor,
    • the parties most empowered to tell the story,
    • social construction of identities and power relations,
    • or the partiess disempowered or silenced by the narrative.
  4. Does the synthesis compare or contrast sources?
  5. Does the synthesis discuss how these sources add up to a bigger picture? Does the synthesis statement make a case of why we should invest more time in understanding this narrative frame?

You won’t necessarily get to all of these questions, but they can guide you in assessing whether the author is on the right track.

I recommend reading the synthesis statement fully twice before starting.

Our assignment post is online here.

Here are your guiding questions for Wednesday, Oct. 25th

  • What is your general topic?
  • What is your narrative frame?
  • Who is the protagonist? Who is the antagonist?
  • Who has power to tell this story? Who does not?
  • Does the narrative direct the audience to take action?
  • Why should we examine this narrative more closely?

Sample answers are available on our sample assignment! Some of these are taken directly from our guide to narrative method.

Please complete these today *in your google doc*.

Common Book Event Updates

Hello all! I hope you’re enjoying your week of infinite leisure. A couple of updates from the Common Book Committee:
We have a panel, “Lessons from the Opioid Epidemic: Health Care and Public Health,” next Monday1-2 pm in MCALC 4100. It’ll be an interactive telecast (though if you want to see it live, you can go to the Kontos Medical Sciences Building Auditorium on the MCV campus). This panel, focusing on the impact of the opioid crisis on public health in Virginia, may be of particular interest to those of you who are pre-health science and policy/public health students. A flyer is a below. There will be sign-in sheets there if any of you would like to use this for an absence.
Finally, it’s been a big news week for the opioid epidemic, with joint reporting resulting in an article in the Washington Post and a 60 Minutes episode investigating how the DEA was involved in practices that furthered the reach of opiates and the depth and impact of the epidemic. This report ultimate led to Tom Marino withdrawing today from his nomination as Drug Czar (not the real title, BTW, but an interesting narrative element). An article on that is here.