Friday September 15th Directions

Hello all! Remember we won’t meet in person this Friday Sept. 15th. I do, however, need to collect some data from you! For your class attendance credit this Friday, please complete this form. It will ask you to report out and reflect a bit on your presentations, and it will ask you to develop a loose proposal for your Multimodal Project.

Message me with any questions! As always I’ll have email access if something comes up.


Welcome to UNIV 112:

Here’s everything you need to know to start classes:

The navigation bar above will link you to your syllabus, daily schedule, and (in the dropdown boxes under daily schedule) our semester’s assignments. Only Unit I’s assignments are posted currently! The rest will fill in as we move forward. I’m looking forward to meeting you all on Friday! Have a great first day of classes.

You can contact me (your faculty member, Kristin Reed) at or meet her in her office in Harris Hall 5106 from 10-12 on Tuesdays.

Welcome to VCU! Happy first day of school!

Week 7 assignments: the count down is on!

Snapshot of Lauren Redniss’s Radioactive, taken in a Feb. 2015 section of UNIV 112.
Where were nuclear tests conducted? Who is a stakeholder when a space is used in this way?

Welcome to the home stretch! You don’t have a video to watch for this week. Instead, today (Monday) share your google docs with your drafting team (check “groups” on Blackboard) and with Dr. Reed. Begin drafting final papers in your shared google docs.

For Wednesday browse through Lauren Redniss’s Radioactive, our final text for this semester. Respond to our week 7 FlipGrid and complete your week 7 blog post.

On Saturday the first drafts of your final paper are due in your google docs. Happy drafting, and be sure to use any resources you need to get you there (emailing or chatting with Dr. Reed, digital consultations at the writing center or with VCU libraries, etc.). Be sure to look ahead to next week: you have a peer review assignment due Monday.

Happy drafting!

Week 6 Content and Assignments

It’s time to launch our final unit! Today I’d like you to read your final paper and individual presentation assignment posts, and have a look at the Distributed Concentration guides to Shareholders and Real Problems.

For Wednesday I want you to think a bit about how “identity” and “place” are just two types of building meaning through storytelling. Read or watch or Chimamanda Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story.” Respond to her talk in our week 6 FlipGrid.

For Saturday please complete your Individual Presentation assignment and submit your week 6 blog post by midnight. Both of these are designed to help you start formulating your thoughts on your final research project. I recommend completing your blog post first, but you do you! Be sure to share your google docs with your drafting team including Dr. Reed (check “groups” on Blackboard). You have no additional reading assigned for Saturday.

Week 5 Content and Assignments

It’s time to think about our research projects, and most importantly, how competing community needs frame conflict in the places we inhabit. You’ve studied home, identity, and community. Now it’s time to consider those concerns alongside your research for Unit II. We’ll continue using the Monroe Park area of Richmond to test drive these questions, but increasingly I’ll ask you to think about translating these skills to the subject of your Units II and III research.

This week you should be moving forward on your research for Units I and II. Today please read the Annotated Bibliography guide at over at our sister site, Distributed Concentration. This will give you a good intro to how to construct summaries for an Annotated Bibliography. Remember a sample assignment (with no content, but an outline of what the formatting should look like) is available online here.

For more details watch the video above!

For Wednesday read our content for this week: “Back to Old School,” “Sahara Restaurant Sues VCU,” and “Sahara Vanishes...” I selected this in response to your week 4 FlipGrids! Post your responses over at our Week 5 FlipGrid thread. Finally, make sure your annotated bibliography Google Doc is shared with Dr. Reed.

On Saturday your Annotated Bibliographies and Week 5 blog posts are due by midnight. Note that you have an option for a bonus post this week. It can be submitted anytime this week or during week 6. You have no reading assigned for Saturday.

Week 4 Content and Assignments

Welcome to the halfway point of the semester! Here’s what you’ve done so far: 1. studied home, cyberspace, and how our home or homes relate to our sense of self. 2. Studied identity, and looked at how self is built out of culturally constructed social identities. 3. studied community, thought about how communities function online, and discussed how identity changes once we begin to fit in with others. This week and next you’re going to choose individual research assignments, the first stages of which will be due next Saturday.

While we research it’s important to think about how sources can combine to create a new text and a new set of ideas. You already looked at the wikipedia entry for community. You noted that Wikipedia itself is a community centered around research and writing. One thing that’s important to remember here is that communities *don’t* always agree. When they disagree, things can get weird really quickly. See below for an example of a time the community didn’t agree.

Photo of user talk on wikipedia page "hebrew calendar."
Luis150902. (2017, Jan. 3). Edit war in page Hebrew Calendar. Wikipedia. Retrieved from (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License).

As you jump into your units II and III work, you’ll need to seek out perspectives on a single community that question what that community’s biggest concerns might be. Note: Community members disagree! That means you should be able to find varied opinions on what the biggest concern for that community is or should be. Ultimately, you’ll need to make choices about what concerns you’re prioritizing, but for your Unit II bibliography you’re welcome to represent several concerns that are competing.

What’s happening this week?

Today you’ll watch the video posted above. Please also read your Annotated Bibliography assignment post (due Saturday of week 5).

For Wednesday read two texts by August Wade: “You did not build the city of Richmond” and “Follow-up to ‘You did not build the city of Richmond’” (both are available in your course reader). Complete your week 4 FlipGrid discussion post on those two texts.

By Saturday you should also have read “Acting French” by Ta-Nehisi Coates (also in your course reader, but you might want to look at the digital version online here which includes some interesting media).  Write your 4th blog post in response to that text. By Saturday your midterm grades will be posted on Blackboard, and I’d like to have the google docs for your annotated bibliographies shared with me by midnight (They can be relatively empty! I want to be able to see your research process as it unfolds.).

Week 3 Content and Assignments

Monday: Watch the above video and check your email for feedback on your Homepage from Dr. Reed.

Wednesday: Read Wikipedia’s entry on “community,” then complete your 3rd FlipGrid discussion, and your 3rd blog post.

Saturday: Today is a big day! Two core assignments are due. Details are below; there is no Saturday reading.

  • Homepages should be complete in their design by Saturday at midnight. We’ll be using these to post work for the remainder of the summer, but the design and concept will be graded based on the Saturday version.
  • Your group project, the guided tour of an online community, is due at midnight. Please share your Google Docs with Dr. Reed and complete this survey when you’re done.


Week 2 Content and Assignments

**Look ahead to the Saturday assignment for week 3, check your groups on Blackboard, and start planning!**

For Wednesday: Read Beverly Tatum’s “Complexity of Identity” in your Course Reader. Look at the websites of LeBron James and Venus Williams. Participate in our reading discussion on FlipGrid.

For Saturday: Read Amanda Hess’s “Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet” in your Course Reader. Revise your homepages following the directions below. Write your second week’s blog post.

Week 1 Office Hours Roundup:

Rampages is tricky! No worries, we have options for you. First, you can now link to everyone’s blogs on the upper right of this website. Have a look at what your classmates are doing with their own sites. Second, because Rampages is a WordPress platform, there are a million tutorials on Youtube and elsewhere. You can also use the WordPress Codex for help if you’re struggling to use the site customization tools.  To further help you there is a guide to revisions below.

Publish a new blog post.

How to create a new page.

Homepage revisions:

As you continue working on your homepage, I’d like you to think about our ongoing readings about identity. Design is one way to communicate meaning. We see this already in cultural uses of clothing to signify affinity groups, subcultures, personal preferences, etc. Often, when we choose clothes we tell us others who we are or who we want to be.

Your homepage is the same. When you make choices about the theme, font, color, images, etc. you use on your homesite, you are telling us who you are, who you want to be, what you want us to have access to.  You are also telling us who you aren’t, who you don’t want to be, what you don’t want us to think about, what we can’t access of you. To amp up your homepages this week, please do the following:

  1. If you have not already done so, choose a name for your homepage. I also recommend changing the tagline (both can be done by clicking on “customize” when you’re logged in and looking at your homepage, then click on “site title” or “identity” depending on your theme).
  2. If you have not already done so, choose the a theme for your Rampages site that you like. Please customize the theme: choose colors, fonts, etc.
  3. You should use at least one image as you set up your site. This image must follow the guidelines for appropriate publishing of content as specified in this reading; no drafts will be accepted unless they meet these guidelines! Your image might be a banner image, a background image, or it might be part of a post.
  4. You should also create an “About Me” page and draft out some of the things you would like your audience to know about you.*  Want a sample “About Me” page? Here is mine own from my personal website. Here is the about page for Limor Fried, owner and founder of tech supply company AdaFruit Industries. Look at people you admire online and see how they present themselves to inform your own choices.

*Some of you already created “About me” blog posts! We’ll need to move these to permanent pages, make the pages available in your navigation menu, and then if you wish delete the original blog posts (or leave them up according to your preference.