Group Presentation

For your group presentation this semester you’ll be exploring Cauleen Smith’s exhibit “Give it or Leave it” at the ICA. This assignment will invite you to make some choices as a group, tour the exhibit (individually or as a group), make an individual submission to a shared document, and then craft a mixed-media synthesis of your individual submissions. Your synthesis can come in any of a variety of forms: collage, visual poetry, audio or video assemblage, etc. This is a critical thinking assignment, and I encourage you to draw on a range of skills we’ve worked with this semester: visualized thinking, adaptation of another’s work, concept and relational mapping, etc.

Choose Your Provocation

First, as a group, choose one “provocation” as your focus:

  • COUNTERSTORYTELLING: whose stories typically are told? Whose are the counternarratives?
  • COUNTERMAPPING: counter mapping as an intentional resistance to dominant narratives…
  • CROSSHATCHING: inbetween/interstitial spaces of seeing and un-seeing
  • POWER MAPPING: how does this exhibit provide a re-envisioned notion of POWER?

This provocation will be the guiding theme for your project. It will direct your viewing of the exhibit, it should guide your selection of an image or element as your contribution, and it will be the core theme of your synthesis.

Tour the Exhibit

Tour the exhibit individually. During your stay, select some element of the exhibit for study. This can be an object, an image, a sound, a color, a recurring theme, a narrative, anything that strikes you as having an interesting relation to your group’s provocation. Take a photo or other documentation of that element. Write up apx 250 words about your selection, how you came across it in the exhibit, and why you’ve chosen it.


Finally, as a group, review your collective selections and create a multi-media synthesis. You’ve done a great deal of multimodal authorship already this semester, adapting Greg Hershey’s essay, creating crosshatched maps, mapping power relations, etc. Feel free to draw on any of those projects for inspiration, or to do something entirely new.

Your individual selections, your individual writing, and your final synthesis should all be in a single shared Google Doc on Drive. I recommend a single group member create the file, share it with your remaining members, and then each of you move that document to your Units II and III folder. If your individual selections or your synthesis file contain media that cannot be embedded in a Drive document, please link in that document to the external files.