Individual Presentation

Your individual presentations this semester will be a digital introduction of your Units II and III work to your research team. This will include:

  • an embedded draft power map
  • a link to a video (apex 2-3 mins) introducing your topic.

The draft map does not need to be polished or completed, but it should be a good faith start (i.e. thoughtful and detailed). The video should break down what social problem you’ll be investigating, why you’ve chosen this topic, and what changes you would hope to see over the next 5-10 years related to you issue. This video can feature your face discussing the topic, but it does not have to. You can use screen casting or even slideshows to record over images or your desktop.

This document should be in your Unit II Drive folder, which will be shared with Dr. Reed and accessible to the members of your research team (either through email sharing or by making the link available anonymously on the web).

Your presentation will be graded with the following breakdown:

  • 5 points – Simply following directions! This one is easy. Does your presentation meet the above requirements? Is it a single document, with a draft map embedded, a linked video, and is accessible to the required individuals?
  • 5 points – draft map
  • 5 points – video