Unit III Written Work

Your Unit III written work will expand on your Unit II study of a particular narrative frame with which you disagree. At the launch of Unit III you already have the following:

  • popular media sources illustrating your narrative frame
  • a synthesis statement that puts those sources in conversation with one another

Some of you also have:

  • popular media sources illustrating a counter-narrative
  • a portion of your synthesis statement integrating these counter-stories into your study of the starting narrative.

All of you will expand this study to include a broader range of sources. These sources should support your counter-storytellng efforts in some way, either by changing a group’s narrative role (antagonist to protagonist), by adding data or context not included in the original narrative, or by exploring more thoroughly the affect that narrative has had on policy or material reality for some targeted group. You should select 3-4 additional sources from substantive or peer-reviewed texts to support your final position. Then, you’ll begin the process of drafting your final paper.

Your final paper will include:

  • an introduction to your narrative frame, your own position, and a clear statement on why we should study and rethink this story,
  • a clear outline of the frame you’re studying, including examples from popular media,
  • an assessment of how this narrative can negatively impact public policy or other material outcomes for targeted groups,
  • and a counter-narrative that uses a range of sources to “debunk” the narrative frame you’ve started with.

Your paper can (and should!) reuse content from your Unit II work. Your final paper specs will be:

  • 1500-1750 words
  • 6-8 sources
  • APA format