Student & Faculty Testimonials

“Community Engagement allowed me to better understand the structural forces behind the way our society functions and the history of current social issues. The class encouraged me to build and develop a well-rounded plan to help promote change within the social and community issues that I am passionate about.”  – Santosha (student)

“This class gives us an environment to have real conversations about issues that matter, both in our country and in our local community. The point isn’t to agree with everyone but rather to learn how to talk about the problems facing us currently and how to approach them, regardless of whether we agree on the issues. It’s helped me to gain a greater understanding of Richmond and the historical trends that brought us to this point, many of which are also relevant to the problems in our country as a whole.” – Amanda (student)

“I absolutely loved this course. I think the way the class was set up really fulfilled the goal of engagement. I was able to form bonds with the individuals in the class, which was great, [and] the discussion was so substantive and beneficial. My favorite thing about this class was the safe space environment that was created by the instructors. I felt very free to discuss topics that are uncomfortable, personal, and difficult, and I felt like I was being heard and understood. I looked forward to this class each week because I knew that I would not only be challenged, but that I would also be allowed to grow. I can confidently say that this is the greatest class I took this semester.” – Anonymous (student)

“The structure of this course, as well as the topics covered, really allowed me to form positive relationships with my students, as we were all somewhat vulnerable together.  I was able to get to know each student and to share in their understanding and growth in a very powerful way. My students and I were able to learn together in a safe, inclusive space where every voice was valued!” – Anonymous (instructor)

“Teaching this course has helped me to address my own implicit biases and as a result, I am more aware and mindful in my interactions with others, especially with my students.” – Anonymous (instructor)

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