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Isaiah’s Portfolio

Writers Statement

As I writer I like to think of myself as an engineer of words and ideas. In the past I used to compare writing to art and thought of myself as an artist that uses written language to paint images of my thoughts into the minds of others. However, upon attending this class I’ve learned that a good piece of writing includes many pieces of carefully constructed information that must be strategically placed. There are very minimal constraints in regards to what makes a good piece of art; it’s up to the interpretation of the viewer. However, when designing the layout of a bridge or constructing a good paper, specific things must be present that are able to connect with one another in the most efficient way possible so that it “works”. I value writing because I view it as a process that is almost magical due to way that it allows me transform an intangible thought into a physical document that I can use to better explain my  ideas in a way that is sometimes difficult for me to do vocally. I also value my writing because it’s something that many of my ancestors were never able to enjoy or learn from. For hundreds of years’ individuals belonging to my ethnic background were denied the opportunity of learning how to write and lived their lives unable to experience the joys and knowledge that come from it. In the future, I hope to use writing and communication to help me achieve my goals . Additionally, I hope to use writing as a way to create and maintain relationships with others. I hope the work in my portfolio reflects my personality and allows the reader to gain a better understanding of who I am. ‎

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