Coordinated Service Learning

During the academic year, scholars will participate in collaborative clinical and educational experiences with community partners. Service learning activities are designed to expose scholars to the array of disabilities experienced by children and the impact of their disabilities on their participation in family, community, and school contexts. The service learning activities are also designed as coordinated interdisciplinary experiences for ITIP scholars to work together to plan and implement interdisciplinary service learning activities with community partners. Additionally, scholars will engage in reflective analysis of the facilitators and barriers to achieving effective inclusive communities.

In their first year of the program, all ITIP scholars are expected to complete 10 hours of coordinated service learning. Scholars are required to:

  • complete service learning in interdisciplinary pairs or groups
  • maintain a relationship with the service learning site by completing most or all of the hours with the same site

We have partnered with the following organizations for the coordinated service learning. ITIP scholars can sign up for these events here.

DSAGR logo and link.

The Learning Program is an innovative program that delivers evidence-based educational support to children, parents, and teachers with the goal of improving the overall development and academic success of children with Down syndrome.  Children receive hands-on learning in centers that focus on literacy, math, and fine motor skills led by a qualified teacher and occupational therapist with volunteers. The Learning Program takes places once a month on Saturday mornings.

Reachcycles logo and link.Reachcycles is an all volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence to children with disabilities. Volunteers are needed for building and matching children with bikes. Dates to come.


CATS logo and link.

Children’s Assistive Technology Services is a nonprofit organization that provides for the re-use of pediatric rehabilitaiton equipment and assistive technology devices in Virginia. Volunteers are needed for their equipment drives and scrub events.


Longwood University’s Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services collaborates with the Virginia Children’s Book Festival to provide access to children with disabilities. The festival is October 17-19, 2018, but specific dates/times for sessions to come.