Interdisciplinary Online Learning Modules

Each interdisciplinary cohort will participate in online learning modules involving sequentially organized core content, exposure to leaders in the field and subject matter experts, collaborative problem based learning activities, and reflective discussion. The following is an overview of the content for each year, with links for scholars to access the learning materials.

Year 1: Building Practice Competency Through Training and Coaching

Year 1 Fall: Building Practice Competency through Training and Coaching: Overview of Special Education

Year 1 Spring: Role of Related Services in Education Settings

Year 2: Systems Intervention and Decisional Capacity

Year 2 Summer: Evaluation and Decision Making in Education Settings

Year 2 Fall: Providing Intervention and Technology in Learning Contexts

Year 2 Spring: Interdisciplinary Intervention Across the Lifespan

Year 3: Building Technical and Adaptive Leadership

Year 3 Summer: Leadership in the Education Setting

Year 3 Fall: Decisional Capacity on School Teams

Year 3 Spring: Establishing Professional Leadership Plan