Ted Nelson at Midterm

Education ought to be clear, inviting and enjoyable, without booby-traps, humiliations, condescension or boredom. It ought to teach and reward initiative, curiosity, and the habit of self-motivation, intellectual involvement. Students should develop, through practice, abilities to think, argue and disagree intelligently.

I chose this nugget because this is states my ideal form of education. I can’t recall a time where I was truly enthusiastic about my education. One should learn in an environment that is a challenge that they can overcome. Nelson makes points throughout out the excerpt that education has lost its uniqueness. Everything has become so standardized. He also mentions that tests are a trap because most the questions have questions that contain twists and tricks. He strongly advocates for an education that requires a lot of thinking and expression of opinion.

This nugget resonates with our online class because we aren’t just a normal class that writes essay and do readings, but we are a class that looks at multiple aspects of each presented topic in unique ways. In our class, all assignments are very thought provoking. One of my favorite assignments was the blog post of combining sentences from my own posts and my classmates’ post, to make one giant post. It was challenging to find flowing sentences but it was possible because I had to think each sentence through to make sure they relate. The other thing that this class does, is since we are online, I feel we are more inclined to be opinionated because there isn’t a sense of judgment that there would have been if this class were online. This is what Nelson wanted, an environment where students can all think and present their opinions with enthusiasm and the ability to debate

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  • October 2, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    I am glad you enjoyed the concept experience of putting all of the sentences from a range of sources together. This assignment was challenging, and I was amazed at what a great job some of you did! I hope the class has to taught “initiative, curiosity, and the habit of self-motivation,” as Nelson advocates!


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