ICE Reflection

During the virtual sim activities, I discovered that online programs do not do the best job of simulating real patient interaction however they can help to prepare you for issues you may see in patient care. I felt that I did very well with determining a patient diagnosis, however, I struggled with rushing and not… Continue reading ICE Reflection

The Gout

This picture depicts the physical sensations one experiences when suffering from gout. I could tell this image was depicting physical pain due to a number of factors; the black creature appears to be biting into the victim’s foot which is swollen and red. The image gave me some insight into what it feels like to… Continue reading The Gout

Professional Bio

I am currently a DPT student at Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2021, I graduated summa cum laude from Virginia Tech with a B.S., majoring in Biology and Psychology. As the son of a licensed Physical Therapist, I was always interested in PT and health professions in general, but originally it was my intention to become… Continue reading Professional Bio

Hello world!

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