The Gout

This picture depicts the physical sensations one experiences when suffering from gout. I could tell this image was depicting physical pain due to a number of factors; the black creature appears to be biting into the victim’s foot which is swollen and red. The image gave me some insight into what it feels like to experience gout in their feet and it is not something I wish to experience myself. Interpreting this illustration helped me to understand the stinging pain that comes along with the swelling and general discomfort of the disease. This picture has made me wonder, does this depiction represent what everyone feels with gout? How might the picture change to encompass more people’s pain experience, or to make it more individual?


  1. I don’t think that one persons pain experience can directly reflect another’s. Therefore how this artist depicts gout may differ from other peoples main experience. I think this depiction is individualized with the swelling and general discomfort that you said Jack. However, another persons drawing of gout may look totally different.

  2. This picture could change to encompass more people’s pain experience’s by having multiple feet with different pain experiences. A gallery of feet, with multiple depictions of pain could individualize this piece more.

  3. Hey Jack! This is such a great picture and I think it creates a visual that people without gout can use to understand the pain of those with gout. However, everyone’s pain experience is individualized, so everyone has a different monster.

  4. Everyone has a unique experience with how they process pain, so I imagine this painting isn’t a universal to everyone with gout. For some, the pain may be more dull or less intense. However, I do think that the depiction of a gout demon biting the toe is a powerful representation of the pain that people living with gout have to endure daily. As someone who has no experience with gout, this really helped me to empathize with the pain these people feel.

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