Crisis in Ukraine Helped by Social Media

An article by Paul Sonne wrote about a crisis in the Ukraine that occurred. Fighting began in eastern Ukraine and families became separated and panic ensued. The people within the small towns where it was occurring began to communicate through social media. Sonne stated that the, “Cities on both sides of the front have active social-media community groups”. They began to help each other on social media and shared where bombings occurred or how each other’s loved ones were doing. Sonne stated that, “Residents often sign on to the groups to compare notes on where the shells are falling. They share accounts of the explosions that are keeping them up at night or pictures of the damage”. This brought the people of that town close together and it united them by helping each other in a time of crisis. They worked together to support each other and find a way through the fighting that was going on. This is something that never would have been able to be done without social media and it is a prime example of how social media can be used to help. Check the article out here.

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