The Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS) gathered significant influence through social media and news outlets. This movement was put on social media platforms, which allowed it to become more known and influential because of things like the hashtags for this movement, such as the #OccupyWallStreet. In an article talking about the OWS, it staid that the OWS was almost “invisible” on major newspapers or TV news. The OWS was not given much recognition or media attention in the first 10 days of its protests.  This was because it was not being covered well on news outlets and other forms of media. When it became known and shared on social media, especially the treatment of protesters by police, the OWS became widely supported on social media.

The OWS was greatly benefited by social media and probably would not have ever acquired the support it has now or made a difference in such a way without social media. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or even Tumblr have a way of spreading the word to millions of people almost instantly because it connects people. What the OWS needed was support in their protest and they were having trouble doing that because nobody knew about them. They needed the word to be spread about them to get the support they wanted and social media was the best way to do that. The OWS, and many other movements such as the ALS challenge, could spread the information about a situation that needed help through the platforms of social media. Check out this article here.

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