Social Activism on Social Media

Social activism has become more and more present on social media platforms. Social activism is the action of bringing about change to society and is focused less on specific issues but rather focuses on the root of them. It finds ways to create a stronger community and end injustice. These can be in the form of protests or social media movements that try to encourage a better economy, health system, etc. Social activism has flourished with the use of social media because it enables a cause to connect to millions of people in a matter of seconds. Many movements or groups have benefited from using these platforms and have created change to society in ways that would have been otherwise difficult to make. Social media can have massive benefits to a crisis by informing people to it or sharing it to everyone, but problems begin to arise when people are not sharing a way to solve the problem. Social media has positive effects when used correctly and negative impacts when used incorrectly in times of a world crisis. The positive aspects are that it spreads the word and brings people together, and the negative aspects are that it allows people to believe they helped when they haven’t and it creates an ignorance to the real problem.

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